The Callisto Protocol Has Its Own Beer Now, ‘Outer Way Stout’

Callisto protocol is one of the most important new video games to come out in December. Space-horror game is similar to dead Space Chain in some ways.

Glenn Scofield was an executive producer at Visceral Games when Dead Space came out in 2008. He also started Sledgehammer Games with former Visceral employee Michael Condrey and worked on Activision’s Call of Duty Title.

After leaving Activision and the first game the company made, Callisto Protocol, Schofield started Striking Distance Studios.

The Callisto Protocol Has Its Own Beer Now
The Callisto Protocol Has Its Own Beer Now

Before the pandemic hit, SDS opened a studio in San Ramon, California, “a stone’s throw” from a taproom at Fieldwork Brewing. This taproom was a joint project between the game designer and a Bay Area brewer.

As the game was being made, developers started going to Fieldwork’s nearby taproom more often. As one thing led to another, the Outer Way Stout, a limited edition beer to drink while playing the game, came out at the same time as the game.

This “Midnight Stout” comes in four 16-ounce cans and has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 9%. This craft beer is only sold at the Fieldwork Brewing Taproom because it is a limited edition.

From the press release:

A spirited collaboration between two SF Bay Area businesses, outer way thick Brings together the master developers of SDS who are behind some of today’s most sought after video games and Brewmaster alex tweet Feather Fieldwork Brewing For a Midnight Stout that clocks in at 9% ABV. Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Striking Distance Studios opened its studio just a short distance away City Center Bishop Ranch (San Ramon, Calif.) Where Fieldwork Brewing has had a taproom since 2018 (link). While the game was being designed over the past three years, key members of the development team would take short walks down the street to fieldwork to enjoy a few craft beers and discuss the day’s progress. unannounced new game, Little did they realize that taking the tour would become a ritual because they loved the dedication fieldwork into all of their unique beers.

Flash forward to the official launch of “The Callisto Protocol” and SDS and Fieldwork are thrilled to celebrate the craftsmanship between the two teams with the December 2nd release of the limited-edition beer, outer way thick, outer way thick Representing more than just a beer, it combines rebellion and infighting with the hard work required to develop something special for gamers and craft beer drinkers alike.

The Fieldwork Brewing Company started in 2015 in Berkeley, California, and now has locations all over Northern California. A few years after that, Striking Distance Studios was started.

I like this kind of collaboration, even though I’m not sure beer can really represent “rebellion and fighting for what you believe in,” as long as it’s something you believe in. That is not beer, yes. Which is just great! Beer is worth fighting for, and in many ways, we now have craft beer because people fought long and hard against unfair rules that gave the big beer companies an advantage over the little guy.

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In the past, there have been collaborations like The Walking Dead, Fallout, and Callisto Protocol. However, most of the time, the projects were not completely new IPs.

If you’re in the Bay Area and get a chance to try Outer Way Stout, let me know what you think of it on Twitter or Facebook. Even though I don’t drink much, I have to give them credit for going with a dark beer instead of the popular IPA. Midnight Stout fits the games’ themes and styles better.

You can now get beer and games.

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