The Walking Dead: Why The Show Is In Debates Again? Unknown Facts!

More than a decade and more than a hundred issues later, The Walking Dead is more than just a book. That’s more zombies than you can possibly shake a chainsaw at. The Walking Dead was developed by Robert Kirkman, and the first issue in this blockbuster series hit comic racks in 2003.

The first six issues include stunning artwork by Tony Moore. (Moore was replaced by Charlie Adlard with issue #7, and subsequently filed a lawsuit against Kirkman in 2012.) There are six issues in each season of The Walking Dead, and they are meant to be read as a whole as chapters. This module is about the first six issues, or Chapter One, dubbed “Days Gone Bye.” 

In this chapter, police officer Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma in a strange new world. Not one populated by genies and floating carpets, but a world crowded with flesh-hungry zombies. He has to find his family and do everything he can to protect them from the hordes of—say it with us—the walking dead.

What About The Storyline of Walking Dead, Is It Worth Watching?

After a near-death experience, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens to find the world in ruins and must lead a band of survivors to safety.

Deputy Rick Grimes, the county sheriff’s chief deputy, is shot and is now unconscious. A Zombie Outbreak awaits him when he is roused from his sleep. He goes out to find his family because he has no idea what to do next. Once he has found them, he joins a group and rises to the position of leader. He takes charge and attempts to help this bunch of people survive, locate a place to reside and bring them food. Surviving, taking risks, and doing what you have to in order to stay alive are all major themes in this show’s storyline.

After being shot in the line of duty, Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes awakens to find himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. He encounters a group on the outskirts of Atlanta and, shortly, becomes its leader. The walkers (what they call zombies) feed on the living, thus they try to relocate to various and safer regions to survive.

Prior to one day when he and his partner, Shane Walsh, received a report about a car full of men armed with firearms, Rick Grimes was the sheriff of the King County Police Department. When Rick was wounded and went into unconsciousness, he awakened to find himself in a world where the dead came back to life.

Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, was shot and killed. He wakes up in a hospital that has been completely destroyed after going into a coma. He finds a group of survivors and adjusts himself to the few survivors left in the city, then little did he realize he soon becomes renowned as the leader. 

The little group that Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes has gathered must be brought to safety, and they must be provided with food and drink. The only thing that stops them is the Walkers, popularly known as Zombies.

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The Walking Dead Casts And Characters

Here we have listed some of the main as well as supporting actors from the show.

Norman Reedus

Norman Mark Reedus is an American actor. He is renowned for acting in the iconic AMC horror drama series The Walking Dead as Daryl Dixon, in the film

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew James Clutterbuck, known professionally as Andrew Lincoln, is an English actor. In the BBC program This Life, he played the character Egg, which was his first prominent role.

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan is a British-American actress best known for her role as Maggie Greene in the AMC post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor and producer of cinema and television. He is recognized for his appearances as John Winchester in the CW fantasy horror series Supernatural, Denny Duquette in the ABC medical.

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The Walking Dead Release Date

The show got renewed for a further season in October of this year. In September 2020, AMC stated that the eleventh season would be the series’ last and would consist of 24 episodes televised from 2021 to 2022. On August 22, 2021, the twelfth season debuted. The Walking Dead has already broadcast 169 episodes as of April 10th, 2022.

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