The Breaker Season 3 Release Date Status 2022: Cast, Plot, And Trailer

Are you looking for something new to watch on television? The Breaker is back in action! Season 3 has been confirmed for release in 2022, with the first episode set to air in 2019.

This season, the story continues as we learn more about what happened after the events of the previous season. A cast that includes Park Seo-Joon, Kim Hyun-Joong, Kang Ji-young, and other notable actors and actresses makes this a drama you won’t want to miss out on. You can watch it right now on Viki!

The Breaker is a South Korean manhwa series written and illustrated by Jeon Geuk-jin, who goes by the pseudonym Kamaro. The Breaker is the first volume of the series. Here is everything you need to know about The Breaker Season 3 if you’ve been looking for information on the show.

Release Date Of Breaker Season 3

According to the author-illustrator, it will be several years before the most recent versions of Manhwa are available on the market. Because Geek-jin and Jin-havan are already working on other projects, it is possible that they will take longer to finish. First and foremost, the year 2022 appears to be the most likely release date.

To begin with, there was never any doubt about the return of the legendary Manhwa series. Despite the fact that the series had ended, the producers and illustrators were still excited about the prospect of a third installment.

However, there were some difficulties prior to the start of production on Season 3 of Breaker. Instead, the two of them began working together on a new concept.

Soon after the second season concluded, writer Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrator Park Jin-hwan released a new comic book, Trinity w Honor, based on the series. Fans of the Breaker series, as well as new readers, were pleased with the series.

the breaker season 3

Cast Of Breaker Season 3

The cast for the upcoming season of the show has not yet been revealed by the show’s producers, who have remained tight-lipped. However, we can anticipate the return of the majority of the main characters for the upcoming season of the show, including:

  • Chang
  • Shee-woon was
  • Serra Kang.
  • Jin-Le Quan.
  • SAE- Be in a hurry.
  • Mrs. Y.
  • Ha-sick gang.
  • Kangsung

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Plot Of Breaker Season 3

Swan Yi is a disciple of Chunwoo Han, who is a highly-skilled martial arts personality with a great deal of experience. Murim, a secret martial arts society, is a coalition that was responsible for the death of Chunwoo Han’s martial arts instructor Aswell.

Murim is desperate to learn the Black Heaven and Earth technique from Martial Arts Alliance Chief Chunwoo Han, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Now, Chunwu Han is waging a campaign against the Murim government, as well as seeking revenge on his former teacher Anvil by destroying the Murim empire.

He joined forces with the Black Forest Defense Group to defend the Black Forest. Chunwoo Han is assigned a mission to travel to Seoul by the Black Forest Defense Group, a group that is fighting the Murim Martial Arts Society. The mission will take him to Seoul.

Chunwoo meets Han Shiuon Yi during the course of the investigation and helps him overcome his weaknesses. Due to the fact that Chunwoo Han is the ultimate user of Earth techniques and the Black Heaven, he passes these techniques on to his disciple Shiuon Yi.

As part of his mission, Chunwoo Han is tasked with rescuing the leader of the Sunview clan. Originally from Sunwoo, Soul was kidnapped by the Murim Martial Arts Alliance as his clan grew in political power. He was held hostage by the Murim Martial Arts Alliance until his release.

He is born with a body that is nine yins in shape. Chunwoo Han, a member of the Black Forest Defense Group, frees him from prison. The Martial Arts Alliance gathers information about Chunwu Han’s disciple Shivun Yi and eventually kidnaps him and holds him as a hostage.

The QI center owned by Shiuon Yi is destroyed by Han after a series of events, in order to save Simeon from Murim. This will provide Han with legitimate protection against Murim, as he will no longer be able to practice martial arts.

Later, Xiaowon Yi is declared the soul (the man who Chunu Han saved during his Seoul mission) and the heir to the Sunwoo clan by the Sunwoo clan’s council. Soon Chloe’s successor, Swon Yee, resigned from his position. The sequel demonstrates how Shyowan Yi, in collaboration with Sera Kang, is able to reclaim his QI center.

Under the guise of “Nine Arts Dragon,” a new group known as SUC poses a threat to civilians. Swan Yi is fully prepared to bring disrepute upon the name of his teacher Chunwoo Han, as well as to stop and destroy the SUC group in the interest of the general public’s safety.

Trailer Of Breaker Season 3

The trailer for the Beaker season is not yet available. The only good news that has come out of the sources is that the author has begun writing the third part of the novel.

This is a comic book series, and there is a possibility that the next installment will be an anime, with a trailer expected to be released next year.

End Lines

The writer has stated that he intends to release The Breaker Season 3 in the middle of the year 2021, according to Deadline. However, because the project has not yet begun, it will not be completed until July 2021. We anticipate that Part 3 will be completed in early 2022 or mid-2022.

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