‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6 Recap: One Villain Fall as Another Emerges

It’s finally here: Shanae vs. Genevieve. Tonight’s heated 2-on-1 date pits the two rivals against one another, and only one will emerge with a rose. Will Clayton eventually see Shanae’s deceptive tactics, or will Genevieve join the victims Shanae has amassed?

The turmoil doesn’t end there, as the gang sails across the water to Hvar, Croatia, for another jam-packed week of dates. A surprising admission from one of the women causes things to shift while a new rivalry develops.

Let’s start with the 2-on-1 events and go on to Week 6!

Who Survives the 2-on-1?

After last week’s cliffhanger, we pick up the much-anticipated 2-on-1 date with Genevieve toasting Clayton before he talks to her. She wisely avoids Shanae and tells the Bachelor about her difficult path. She apologizes for being distant because she struggles to be vulnerable but is ready to commit. Clayton believes her until Shanae speaks.

Shanae executed her strategy flawlessly. She cries and accuses Genevieve of giving off “actress vibes,” telling Clayton she wanted to go home the night before—no better way to seem reasonable than if they don’t want to be there. Clayton confronts Genevieve about being an actor, bewildered. She asks him where that speculation originated from.

Shanae tells her victim, Genevieve wanted to go home while he was away. Despite her wrath, Genevieve stays cordial, justifying her connection with Clayton. Genevieve for Bachelorette 2022 should be started.

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After returning, he tells them the date’s rose is going to someone who helped him realize the truth. Genevieve wins! “I’m sorry, but I cannot offer you this rose,” he says to Shanae. The group celebrates the villain’s suitcase’s removal at the hotel. Hunter says, “Ding dong, the shrimp is dead!”

“Sha-nay-nay” finally falls, but not before screaming “F*** you, Clayton” into the falls.

Connections Get Deeper as the Group Narrows Down

The rose ceremony calms once Shanae leaves. With eliminations imminent, the women are oddly calm at the cocktail party. Clayton is getting severe, with only a few girls remaining. Clayton nearly tells Rachel he loves her, solidifying Sarah and Rachel’s lead.

After being sidelined for weeks, Mara was eager to spend time with him. She wanted to show him her personality with homemade poutine, but Serene cut her time short. She is appropriately irritated because she only had a few minutes to create her relationship. She may not discover love with Clayton. “What’s the purpose of attempting to catch up?” she confesses.

Eliminations begin shortly after host Jesse Palmer ends the cocktail party. Mara is relieved to survive another week with the last rose of the night, sending Marlena and Hunter home. Marlena, a good friend, celebrates Mara’s triumph even though she didn’t earn a rose. Marlena’s Bachelorette campaign?

Teddi Opens Up on Her First 1-on-1

The party travels to beautiful Hvar, Croatia. Clayton announces a 1-on-1 immediately, startling the group. Mara urgently wants the spotlight, but Teddi gets it. As Mara leaves in disappointment, the weather darkens and rains—poor girl.

Teddi and Clayton use the rainy day to explore the city and experience Croatian culture on a low-key date. Teddi tells the camera she has something important to tell Clayton later, hoping it won’t harm what they’ve built. Duh… Despite their excellent day, a more significant storm may be coming.

‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6 Recap
‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6 Recap

Teddi’s big news is that she’s a virgin. She informs Clayton that her mother had a child early, so she waited until she was utterly in love. Clayton understands but wonders how she will know when she is in love. She admits to putting up walls but has felt comfortable with him.

Clayton is surprised, especially given their physical chemistry, but respects her honesty. Teddi wants to go all-in if he picks her, so the conversation gets serious. Can he handle it? We’ll have to watch their voyage.

Mara Continues to Fight for Clayton’s Heart

Sarah is chosen for her second 1-on-1 with Clayton in paradise, marring Mara’s worldwide journey. As horrible as we feel for Mara, we also feel bad for Sarah, who feels guilty for snatching an opportunity from others who haven’t had alone time. This season’s house friendship is real. They’ll depart with lifelong pals if not a ring.

Mara maximizes the group date by engaging the females in knightly contests to capture Clayton’s love. Does Croatia have badass female warriors? Mara pours her heart out during her knight’s creed, but the Bachelor doesn’t fall for her. Mara says Serene is “still a queen” after being crowned warrior queen.

At the afterparty, several girls declare their emotions for Hometowns. Rachel tells Clayton she loves him first, giving him enough proof to keep her safe for another week.

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Mara believes the others aren’t “marriage material” and tells Clayton she’s disheartened. She feels confused and resentful because she has everything he wants. He mentions Sarah being the youngest in the house but assures her he is doing what he believes is best. Mara shouldn’t assume Shanae’s evil role, but she’s wavering.

Rachel wins the group date rose—except for Mara. Despite our best efforts, sometimes a connection can’t be forced.

Susie’s Clocktower Surprise

“Meet me at the clocktower” is written under Clayton’s door later that night. Shanae returns for one final shot to sway Clayton. No. He’s relieved to discover Susie at the card’s destination because she wants extra time with him after the afterparty. Does everyone love Susie as we do?

They ascend the majestic tower, and Susie surprises him at the top. She wanted him there to share her love (ahh!). He’s thrilled by her confession and could fall for her. While they kiss and admire the scenery, the night ends fairytale-style.

Sarah & Mara’s Rivalry Begins

Mara’s statements made Clayton wonder if the ladies in the home, especially Sarah, want the same things as him. He’s unsure who he’ll wind up with but wants to ensure they’re ready. Jesse assures him that he felt the same before his date with Sarah.

Clayton immediately gets serious with Sarah, making sure she is there to get engaged. She breaks down and admits that their relationship is unlike any other. Clayton apologizes for upsetting her. He acknowledges his concerns about losing what he wants and steps away.

Why can’t Clayton understand the girls’ heartfelt pleas? Why shouldn’t Clayton believe Sarah? She asks why. She’s right to think her attacker is insecure. Mara has turned evil.

Clayton apologizes for making her a target in the second 1-on-1. After completing her cry, his apology seems a bit petty. He gets a rose and forgiveness.

Sarah rejoins the others, ready to defend herself. “Karma is a bitch,” she cautions. Next week’s teaser suggests Sarah may have a surprise. Who falls in love, and who is an actress? Bachelor Nation awaits!

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