Tesla Delivered A Record 343,830 Vehicles During The Third Quarter of 2022

Tesla Delivered A Record 343,830 Vehicles During The Third Quarter of 2022. This shows that Elon Musk‘s company has made up for a slow second quarter caused by COVID-related factory shutdowns. In a report on the company’s website, Tesla says it sold 18,672 Model S and X cars in the last quarter, while it sold 325,158 Model 3 and Y cars. During the quarter, Tesla made a total of 365,923 cars, so it still has about 20,000 cars in stock.

The automaker clarifies that some of these electric vehicles (EVs) were “in transit at the end of the quarter” and that they “have been ordered and will be delivered to customers when they arrive at their destination.” Tesla also says that it was hard to “secure vehicle transportation capacity and at a reasonable cost during these peak logistics weeks,” which is why some of the EVs still haven’t been delivered.

 Elon Musk told workers last year to stop rushing to increase quarterly deliveries and instead focus on reducing costs related to shipping. Musk said the same thing in response to a Twitter user who asked him to explain more about the problems Tesla faces with getting cars to where they need to go.

“Smoothing out the crazy end-of-quarter delivery wave to save money and make the Tesla team less stressed. “Trying to make deliveries more consistent within the quarter,” Musk writes on Twitter. “Customer experience suffers when there is an end of quarter rush. Steady as she goes is the right move.”

Tesla Delivered A Record 343,830 Vehicles

Last quarter, Tesla’s two-year streak of record-breaking deliveries came to an end when its Shanghai factory had to close several times because of the city’s COVID lockdown rules. At the time, the company had only sold 254,695 cars, which was the lowest number since the third quarter of 2021. This quarter, Tesla was able to increase production because Shanghai is no longer shut down and the new Gigafactories in Texas and Berlin have begun making cars (despite a cardboard fire).

Last week, at Tesla’s AI Day event, the company announced that 160,000 Tesla drivers now have access to its Full Self Driving beta. This is the driver-assistance software that is the subject of two lawsuits right now.

The California DMV and a Tesla owner both say that the company has made false claims about how the software can drive itself.

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