Tatum And Leighton Show: The S*x Lives Of College Girls Fans Are Divided!

HBO has been aware of what women want in entertainment for decades. There is a lot of content on HBO for women, from groundbreaking shows like “S*x and the City” and “Girls” to newer, more inclusive shows like “Insecure” and “I May Destroy You.”

“The S*x Lives of College Girls” is a modern show because it has a cast of girls from different backgrounds and cultures. This is one of the show’s best qualities. As in “Community,” the many differences between the main characters give the writing depth and help break down stereotypes as the series continues.

When a new romance comes along to spice things up on “The S*x Lives of College Girls,” fans don’t always agree on whether or not it will work out in the end. This is normal for any popular show. This seems to be the case with the new relationship between Reneé Rapp and Gracie Dzienny’s characters, Leighton and Tatum.

Tatum And Leighton Show
Tatum And Leighton Show

The Fan Base Seems Split On Enjoying The Pairing And Waiting For More

After the last two episodes of “The S*x Lives of College Girls” came out on HBO Max, fans took to social media to talk about the love story between Leighton and Tatum, who look alike. “I think Leighton and Tatum look great together. … The way Tatum looks at Leighton and how cool she was about Leighton not being out yet, “tweeted @AnjelicaBenjam about how most of the characters on the show don’t know that Leighton is gay.

@CalliopeWannabe was so excited about this point of view that she tweeted, “LEIGHTON and TATUM HOLY S*** THAT’S AWESOME I LOVE.” Even though there seems to be a lot of excitement about the relationship, some “The S*x Lives of College Girls” fans weren’t sure how they felt about Leighton and Tatum getting together.

“The way Tatum looks at her and Leighton looks when they’re making out makes me think I can overlook the tendencies,” @rootscanary said in a tweet. As was already said, the two characters look a lot alike, which seems to bother some viewers as the two get closer.

Similarly, @san da lias tweeted, “I wasn’t sure about Tatum and Leighton at first because I’m more of a “opposites attract” kind of ship, but the chemistry seems strong, so we’ll see.” Even though some fans are still on the fence about Tatum and Leighton’s growing relationship, it seems like most people are into it. We’ll have to keep watching to see if it’s meant to be.

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