Surfing Legend Chris Davidson Reportedly Killed In Bar Brawl

Chris Davidson, a famous surfer who used to be a pro, is thought to have been killed in a country bar in New South Wales, Australia. On Saturday night around 11 p.m., someone punched Davidson outside the South West Rocks Country Club in South West Rocks. This caused Davidson to fall and hit his head on the ground. Police say that paramedics helped him before he was rushed to Kempsey Hospital, where he died from his injuries. He had lived 45 years.

The attacker is considered Grant Coleman, the brother of Darren Coleman, the head coach of the NSW Waratahs. Around 12:40 a.m., he was taken into custody at home in South West Rocks. Thirty minutes after the attack, he was charged with assault that caused death.

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Davidson was one of the best surfers at the top of his game. In 2010, he was ranked #14 internationally in the sport.

Surfing Legend Chris Davidson Reportedly Killed
Surfing Legend Chris Davidson Reportedly Killed

The boy from Narrabeen won the 1991 Cadet Cup when he was only 15 years old. Four years later, he was allowed to compete in the prestigious Rip Curl Pro tournament at Bells Beach, where he beat the world champion, Kelly Slater, in two consecutive heats.

Even Slater, who used to compete against Davidson, has said nice things about him.

“Yesterday, we lost another soldier. #RipChrisDavo. Had a lot of fun fights with this guy. “One of the most naturally talented surfers I’ve ever met,” Slater wrote on Instagram on Sunday.

“He was one of the most stylish surfers this country has ever produced. Mark Windon, the executive director of Surfing NSW, told ABC that Davidson was a “larger-than-life character” with a “prodigious talent” and “as flashy on land as he was in the water.”

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