Kalani David, a professional surfer, had a seizure while surfing off the coast of Costa Rica and died at age 24. The country’s Judicial Investigation Agency told The Associated Press that David was on the Pacific Coast when he “seemed to have some epileptic seizure and drowned.”

Kelly Slater, who is one of the most well-known faces in surfing, was one of the people who wrote to David’s family to express their sadness. On his Instagram Stories, he said that David was “one of the best surfers/skaters the world has ever seen.” The Inertia says that David died on September 17. He was known as a prodigy in both surfing and skating. Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is a disease that caused him to have an extra electrical pathway in his heart. This can cause some people to have a fast heart rate and seizures.

David has been in danger of dying more than once because of his condition. In 2016, he almost died after having seizures for six hours in Oahu, Hawaii, before his friends found him. He had to be taken to the hospital and put into a coma, which lasted two days.

Kalani David Death
Kalani David Death

A few months before that, he had his first seizure in a skatepark in Oceanside, California. A surgery was done to get rid of an extra heart muscle. But David only knew how to surf and skate, and he wasn’t going to give them up. David told Stab Magazine, “If it was life or death and I had to choose between skating and surfing, I’d choose death.”

His X-Games profile said he was “one of the young kids who are way better and progress way faster than action sports athletes from just a few years ago.” He learned to surf and skate as a kid, and his profile says that at age 14, he was “a seasoned veteran.”

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