Silvio Scaglia Net Worth: How He Earn $1 billion?

Silvio Scaglia made Babelgum, a free Internet TV service, and FastWeb, an Italian phone company.

He has always supported creative businesses and put money into them. He started with nothing, but now he is well-known because he used to be married to the actress Julia Haart.

Silvio Scaglia’s Net Worth

By 2022, Silvio Scaglia will have a staggering $1 billion fortune. He has made a huge amount of money through many different business ventures. Silvio has put a lot of money into SHS A. M., a quantitative asset management company, and the discovery portal Yewno.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth
Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

Silvio Scaglia’s Early Life

Silvio Scaglia was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, on October 14, 1958. Scaglia went to Italy’s Polytechnic University of Turin and earned a Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering degree in 1983.

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Silvio Scaglia’s Career

Scaglia’s first job was at Aeritalia Spazio, where he worked on a NASA satellite project. After working as a programmer and project manager for three years, he joined McKinsey & Company, first as a consultant and then as a manager.

Scaglia worked for Bain for a while and then for Piaggio for four years before leaving his job as Senior Vice President to become the CEO of Omnitel. He oversaw the start-up of the telecom company right after it got its license. He did this for four years, until 1999.

Silvio Scaglia’s Breakthrough

At that time, Silvio thought there was a need for more advanced technology, so he started e.Biscom. As the founder and chairman of the company, he was in charge of building a full communications infrastructure. So, in 2003, Time magazine called him one of the “Most Influential Innovators in New Technology.”

He left this company in 2007 and started Babelgum, an interactive TV platform that failed in 2012 and shut down. Around 2010, he bought the model management company Elite World Group and later became the chairman of the well-known luxury clothing brand La Perla.

After that, he met Julia Haart, the creative director, and they started dating. After seeing how hardworking and determined his wife was, he pushed for her to be made CEO of Elite World Group, a company they now own.

Silvio Scaglia’s Personal Life

Scaglia got a divorce from his first wife, Monica Aschei, in 2018 after saying in 2017 that he wanted to. Scaglia’s three grown children from his first marriage are all grown up and living independently. Scaglia and Julia Haart got married in 2019, and now they are business and life partners.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

The two are partners in the retail brokerage and investment bank Freedom Holding Inc., and Silvio Scaglia is also a partner in a company related to Freedom Holding Inc. called Elite World Group. Scaglia was expecting a granddaughter in 2021. He often posts pictures of his daughter online.

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Is Silvio still seeing Julia Haart?

Silvio joked to The New York Times that Julia was “terrible” to him when they worked together, but right before they broke up, he made Julia CEO of his model and talent agency, Elite World Group. July 2021: Julia tells the media, “But I had a lot of respect for him.”

Who was Silvio Scaglia’s first wife?

Scaglia’s first wife is Monica Aschei. In 2017, he told everyone he wanted to end his marriage, and he did so in 2018. Scaglia had three grown children from her first marriage. Chiara Scaglia, his oldest child and a fashion industry veteran, has worked as an executive at La Perla and other companies.

Can you tell me if Silvio Scaglia has a billion dollars or more?

A Delaware judge said that Italian millionaire Silvio Scaglia had told the world that his fashion businesses were owned in half by his wife, reality TV star Julia Haart. The judge’s recent order ended a fight between the couple who were getting a divorce.