When is the NFL trade deadline in 2022? Latest Updates on Potential Deals

Though the viewers are through the revelations of the first month of the NFL season in 2022, a lot of changes are about to happen since the deadline is approaching. If you are thinking that there will be no more trading, well, let us tell you that there are some more potential trades on the way.

The tension is high and fans are worried that their favorite team will end up trading. As the NFL trade deadline for 2022 is approaching, fans are wondering who are going to be the final players to be traded. So, here are the details of the NFL trade deadline and the updates on all the dealing that can possibly happen.

When is the NFL trade deadline in 2022?

The NFL governing body is strict with the decisions they take. So, when will the drafting session end? To keep you excited for the upcoming game, the NFL never fails to give live updates to the fans about its trading. But what is the deadline? The NFL trade deadline is set for 1st November 2022.

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The teams have time till only 4 p.m. EST to complete each and every deal that can bring changes to the group. Thus, the final decision must be taken within the given time to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Who are the Possible Players on the Trade Block?

Trade speculations have been ongoing for the longest period. Fans have been hooked if there will be a change-up in the teams and if their favorite players are going to be reshuffled. The final list of trading will be out only after the dealings are completed. So, we are listing the possible trades that can happen as the rumors suggest.

Melvin Gordon, RB, Denver Broncos:

If you follow Melvin, then you might have noticed that Gordon has been caught liking the tweet that suggested he was getting traded to “the Rams for fellow RB Cam Akers”. The deal is not clear as of now but the 29-year-old player might see a change in case everything goes well.

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers:

McCaffery is now out but does that mean Moore is next in the line? As a matter of fact, in March, Moore signed a three-year contract extension and we don’t think that the Panthers will let go of him after finalizing the extension.

Kareem Hunt, RB, Cleveland Browns:

After the season ended, Kareem was free from the agency. Now, he is yet to settle on a new agreement with the Browns. However, Hunt is considered to be an overqualified backup and so, other teams might try to acquire him for their benefit.

Josh Jacobs, RB, Las Vegas Raiders:

It is also the renewal season even for Josh Jacobs. His contract with the agency has ended and Jacobs is waiting to strike a new deal. He didn’t yet resign from any deal with his current team but it cannot be said where the player might end up going.

NFL Trade Deadline in 2022
NFL Trade Deadline in 2022

Jakobi Meyers, WR, New England Patriots:

Patriots are staying like usual but Meyers will soon become free. Though he is amongst the only few attractive trade chips of New England, possible trading might happen. In fact, Meyers does seem to have a very close relationship with Quarterback Mac Jones. So, is there going to be any news?

Roquan Smith, LB, Chicago Bears:

As a matter of fact, Smith has received a request for trading from the Bears. This happened soon after he wasn’t able to make any new contracts. In spite of being amongst the best line-backers that the NFL have ever had, he had to struggle this season. 

Deion Jones, LB, Atlanta Falcons:

Undoubtedly one of the very best line-backers, Deion was involved in the trade rumours even before the NFL season 2022 had begun. Atlanta has still not confirmed anything about Jones but a player like him is definitely a profitable option for the team.

Kenny Golladay, WR, New York Giants:

Lately, Golladay has been vocal about his feelings of displeasure with his team New York Giants. He spoke about it publicly and there hasn’t been any discussion but still, if Kenny is traded, both parties will be benefited.

The list of players who can be traded before the NFL trading deadline is clear. However, many players like Christian McCaffrey, RB, and Carolina Panthers have been traded which gave him an instant upgrade. So, wait for the NFL trading deadline and then all the latest dealings will be revealed.

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