Russia claims to have intercepted US submarine in far east of the country

Rússia afirma ter interceptado submarino dos EUA no extremo leste do país

Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Shaposhnikov, which intercepted American submarine| Photo: Ministry of Defense of Russia

The Russian government stated that it intercepted and expelled, this Saturday (12), a submarine US Navy nuclear plant near an island in the far east of the country. The information was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The place where the incident would have occurred is far from the border between Russia and Ukraine – a region that has been under tension in recent days after carrying out military exercises with tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.

2022According to the Ministry of Defense, after the American submarine was discovered near the Russian island of Urup, your crew received a request to surface immediately in Russian and English. The Americans reportedly ignored the legal requirement and then the crew of the anti-submarine ship Admiral Shaposhnikov used “relevant methods against the offender”, the Russian defense body said, without specifying what the methods were. 2022As a result, the American vessel would have used a self-propelled simulator to double the target on the radar and in the means of acoustic control and left the territorial waters of the Russian Federation at full speed.