Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Who is the “Meteor Man”?

Rings of power meteor man: Middle-earth has a lot going on. Many people keep track of Lord of the Rings, from Elves and Orcs to Hobbits and Harfoots. And now that Rings of Power is set thousands of years before the first movie trilogy, fans are meeting many new characters and seeing old ones like Elrond and Galadriel again.

But one character, in particular, makes many people scratch their heads. Fans have wondered who the mysterious “Meteor Man” might be since he fell to Middle-earth in an early trailer.

“The Stranger,” as he is called, is played by Daniel Weyman. When we first see him, he is a naked man with a beard in the meteor’s burning crater. Fans of the books haven’t been able to explain why a meteor strike in the Second Age came as a surprise, and there aren’t any clear connections to characters in the books either.

The closest they’ve gotten is a poem by JRR Tolkien called “The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon,” but even this doesn’t explain much.

So, is this a completely new person? Or could the Meteor Man be someone we’ve met before? There isn’t a clear answer in the first two episodes, but there are a lot of hints that Mr. Meteor is definitely a familiar, bearded face…

Is Sauron The Meteor Man?

We’ve known for a while that The Rings of Power is all about Sauron returning after his master Morgoth beat him badly. In the books, Sauron stayed hidden in Middle-earth for a while after the First Age ended. He eventually showed up as “Annatar,” a supposed friend of the Elves who turned on them in typical Saury fashion.

Is Sauron The Meteor Man?
Is Sauron The Meteor Man?

But what if Sauron wasn’t just pretending to be an Elf? What if he had planned this meteor shower to trick and deceive the people of Middle-earth?

Anyone who knows even a little bit about the Bible can see that this “Stranger” is holding an apple, which is a sign of betrayal in the Bible. Meteor Man’s ability to magically control fire is another sign that he is not the innocent naked guy he pretends to be. He even wakes up at the place where the meteor hit, surrounded by what looks like the Eye of Sauron…

Is Gandalf The Meteor Man?

Gandalf came to Middle-earth on a boat, like all good wizards, and offered to fight Sauron’s power in the Third Age. But what if we were wrong about everything we knew about Mr. Grey? What if he showed up much earlier as a naked man who had forgotten how to shave?

Gandalf hasn’t always been “Gandalf,” as Tolkien fans may already know. Before he became friends with the Hobbits, this charming wizard was a Maia spirit from the beginning of time, like an angel. He lived in Valinor. Gandalf, or Olórin as he was known back then, was always interested in the people of Middle-earth. Could he have been there in a different form a few thousand years before?

Is Gandalf The Meteor Man

Gandalf was in tune with fire, and it’s clear that this Meteor Man is also drawn to hot things. Also, Gandalf is a big deal, so it makes sense that the writers might try to cram him in, even if that doesn’t happen in the original books.

But the Maiar weren’t known for being flashy, so for one to show up in a flaming meteor seems out of place. Unless this Maia didn’t choose to fly through the sky in a meteor, which could be true whether or not this character is actually Gandalf. It’s also important to remember that Olórin wasn’t exactly eager to fight Sauron in the Third Age, so that could also be a problem.

Is Another Wizard The Meteor Man?

If you think Gandalf can’t be the Meteor Man for the reasons listed above, that doesn’t mean he can’t be another wizard instead. Curumo and Aiwendil are two familiar faces whose Maiar pasts are definitely vague enough to make room for a new chapter like this.

Is Another Wizard The Meteor Man?

Whether they’ve been sent to help fight Sauron or just to bring a message from Valinor, it’s clear that this unknown wizard is very important. But since the Meteor Man is good with fire, some of these other characters can’t be him. If this theory is true, it seems most likely that a blue wizard is involved, or maybe even the original Istari who lived before Gandalf and the others.

No matter what, a lesser-known wizard is probably a better bet than Gandalf when it comes to canon.

Is Eru Iluatar The Meteor Man?

But perhaps we’re not thinking big enough. The Meteor Man’s grand entrance is impressive enough to make you think that he might be a much more powerful person than wizards like Gandalf.

Is Eru Iluatar The Meteor Man

What if the “Stranger” turns out to be God? Or at least what Tolkien thought God was like.

Now, listen to us. Eru Ilvatar, as he is called in Middle-earth, has been mentioned a few times in Lord of the Rings stories. In the Second Age, the god destroyed Nmenor after Sauron turned everyone against the Valar. It’s also thought that he was behind other important events, like Gandalf becoming Gandalf the White and Gollum tripping and dropping the One Ring into Mount Doom.

It’s not as crazy as you might think that “God” would become a person to inspire people to fight against Sauron. The Stranger’s arrival from space fits with this, and the apple on his promotional poster, which looks like it was taken from the Bible, also makes me think of something religious. If this is true, it means that the Meteor Man could be here to help fight against Sauron instead of setting fire to Middle-earth.

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