Gold’s Gym Owner Rainer Schaller And 5 Others Feared Dead After Plane Crash Off The Coast Of Costa Rica

The owner of Gold’s Gym, Rainer Schaller, his family, and two other people are thought to be dead after the plane they were on Friday crashed off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican Ministry of Public Security said on Facebook on Friday that a plane flying from Mexico to Limon, Costa Rica, lost contact with the control tower at the Juan Santamaria International Airport at about 6 p.m. local time (8 p.m. ET) while flying over the northeastern Parismina area off the country’s Caribbean coast.

The Public Security Ministry gave a copy of the flight manifest to CNN. The manifest says that Rainer Schaller, a German businessman, four other Germans, and a pilot were on the private flight on Friday. Schaller’s partner, Christiane Schikorsky, and two minors were German citizens.

Rainer Schaller Death
Rainer Schaller Death

Martin Arias, the vice president of the Ministry of Public Security, said that the coast guard began searching in the Caribbean Sea at 5 a.m. local time on Saturday. At 5:50 a.m., the remains of an airplane were found 28 kilometers from Costa Rica’s Limon Airport.

Arias said the Red Cross has been asked to help with search and rescue operations. Jorge Torres Carillo, Costa Rica’s Minister of Public Security, tweeted on Saturday that the private plane was carrying a “foreign crew” and that two bodies had been found.

CNN was told by the German Foreign Office that they are aware of the situation and that the German Embassy in the capital of Costa Rica, San José, is in touch with local officials to find out more. The German Foreign Office said that the embassy is also ready to help the families of the people who were hurt.

Schaller started and runs the RSG Group, which has gyms like McFit, John Reed, and Gold’s Gym.

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