Rainer Schaller Net Worth

Rainer Scholar Net Worth: What Happened To The Owner of Gold Gym?

Rainer Schaller is a German entrepreneur and businessman. He is the founder and CEO of the RSG Group, which includes Gold’s Gym, the McFit and John Reed. Schaller and his family haven’t been seen since Friday, October 21, when their plane crashed off the coast of Costa Rica.

Here you can read below, what happened with Rainer Schaller and his net worth.

Rainer Schaller Early Years

Rainer Schaller was born in Bamberg, West Germany, on January 4, 1969. He grew up in Schlussefeld, where both his grandfather and mother worked as store clerks. Gerd Schaller, Rainer’s brother, is a conductor who knows a lot about Anton Bruckner.

Rainer Schaller Net worth
Rainer Schaller Net worth

In Schlusselfeld, Rainer learned how to be a salesman in a store. After that, he got more training so he could become an expert in retail and business. When he took over Edeka supermarket, he was only 22 years old. Schaller quickly took over three more grocery stores in his home area. In 1997, Rainer changed careers and went into the fitness business. He opened his first gym under the McFit brand. Must check Rishi Sunak Net Worth 

Rainer Schaller Career

With the McFit brand, Schaller went after the cheap end of the market. By the middle of 2006, he was running 62 fitness studios in Germany with 1,000 full-time employees and 400,000 members. In 2011, he ran the biggest fitness studio chain in Europe, with more than 1 million members. After that, he changed his business so that he could reach more people. In 2018, Rainer hired Vito Scavo to run the day-to-day business of his holding company.

In August 2019, Schaller’s holding company changed its name to RSG Group. Soon after, the company grew to include 12 fitness chains, such as John Reed, McFit, and High 5. Within a year, he bought the bankrupt Gold’s Gym, which had been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of 2020, Schaller did even better in his business. By then, his company was in charge of 17 different brands and had 41,000 employees in 48 different countries. Schaller’s group of companies also took care of more than 1,000 studios.

In 2006, he also worked as the managing director of Lopavent in addition to running Schaller’s group of companies. The company put on the popular Love Parade, which was a dance music festival, until 2010. Schaller promoted McFit’s studios by putting on the event.

In 2010, Schaller was criticized for the stampede that happened at the Duisburg Love Parade. The accident hurt 652 people, and 21 people died. In 2018, he went to court to talk about the accident as a witness. Even though he admitted morally that he was to blame for the accident, he was not charged.

Rainer Schaller Personal Life

Rainer Schaller was dating Christiane Schikorsky, who had been his girlfriend for a long time. Aaron and Finja were their children. On October 21, Rainer and his family were on a flight to Mexico on a Piaggio P. 180 Avanti. But the jet plane that was taking the German millionaire and his family from Palenque, Mexico, just disappeared. The next day, on Saturday, the Costa Rican public security ministry said that during the search, the bodies of an adult and a child had been found.

Rainer Schaller Personal Life
Rainer Schaller Personal Life

The plane was supposed to land at 6:58 pm, but it lost control at a height of 2,000 feet. Jorge Torres, who is in charge of public safety in Costa Rica, confirmed that the Piaggio 180 jet was carrying the five Germans. Later, a spokeswoman for McFit confirmed that Schaller and his family were on the plane. Reports say that Schaller was one of six people who died in a plane crash.

Rainer Schaller’s Net Worth

As of 2022, it is thought that Rainer Schaller will have a net worth of about $250 million. He had saved up a lot of money from running the largest gym in Germany, McFit, and the Gold’s Gym, which is a chain of gyms around the world. Schaller’s company is said to have 41,000 employees and do business in 48 countries.

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