“Like An Extra Bad Amy Schumer Movie”: Racist Bridesmaid Video Takes Tiktok By Storm, Leaves Internet Shocked

Recently, the internet went crazy over a TikTok video of a racist bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. The video was first posted by a TikTok user named Tori, whose username is @browneyed_beautee. Tori is the sister of the groom. When the video started getting a lot of attention, the user made their account private.

The video is now on all social media sites, including Twitter, and has already been watched more than 8.9 million times and commented on more than 11.5 thousand times.

Like an even worse Amy Schumer movie, this made me cringe the whole time I watched it. The speech has made people on the internet feel second-hand shame.

“I’m Not Gonna Be Racist Guys,” The Tiktok Speech That Left Many Cringing

At the beginning of the video, the speaker, who seems to be a close friend of the bride, is getting ready to give a heartfelt speech to the bride and groom. She starts by saying who she is, and that’s when things get awkward:
“Hi, I’m Shannon, I’ve known Tracy for…oh god…”
She forgot that she had known the bride for nine years until someone reminded her. Shannon went on to say that she doesn’t know the groom, Anthony, very well, but she hears a lot about him from the bride, Tracy. She keeps going by making a fake eye-roll:

“She’d be like ‘Oh, Anthony this, Anthony that,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t care.”

She then says that the bride and groom make a “cute couple” and asks the groom awkwardly to “take care of my girl” because she “knows where he lives” if he doesn’t. When she turns to the crowd and says, “This is where things start to go wrong.”

“I’m not gonna be racist, guys, I’m just saying! You guys are outstepping the stereotype and I love it.”

At this point, she does a funny bit where she snaps her fingers and says in a fake African-American accent, “I’m going to be racist.” At the end of her speech, she said:

“You guys, I swear, I love Black people. You guys. Are. The. Best. My own daughter’s great-aunt is like, the best woman. You guys are amazing, I love you. I love you guys. Bless you black people.”

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Social Media Reacts On Viral Tiktok Video

People responded to the TikTok video in question with snarky and funny Tweets and comments about the train wreck of a speech.

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