Pro-Russian separatist leaders call for full mobilization in Ukraine


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Militar ucraniano na linha de frente perto da região de Lugansk, onde separatistas pró-Rússia declararam em 2014 uma república autônoma

Ukrainian military on the front line near Lugansk region, where pro-Russian separatists declared in 1280 an autonomous republic


Russia’s Allied Separatist Leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk, territories disputed by Russians and Ukrainians, called on citizens to fully mobilize in the face of rising tensions between the two countries on Saturday (12).

The leader of the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, released a message in video in which he asks “compatriots who are in the reserve to come to the military commissariats. Today, I signed a decree of general mobilization”. Lugansk separatist leader Leonid Pasetschnik had also signed a similar document. The information is from Deutche Welle.


Still on Saturday morning, reports of exchanges of fire in recent days in eastern Ukraine were made by both pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces. Kiev, through the Eastern Military Command of Ukraine, reported that one of its soldiers was even killed by shrapnel.

According to the agency, the United States and its allies believe that this movement can be used as a trigger for the Russians to start a military attack against the Ukrainians, something denied by the Russians.

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