Priscilla Movie Release Date: A Cinematic Mystery Unveiled!

Elvis and Me, Priscilla Presley’s memoir about her relationship with Elvis, served as the inspiration for Coppola’s film Priscilla. In her lengthy career, Coppola has distinguished herself by exploring contentious characters, unconventional relationships, and narratives that are not merely centred on female protagonists but also genuinely feminine in their philosophy and style.

The Academy Award-nominated filmmaker of movies including Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides, and Marie Antoinette is likely the finest choice to bring the tale of Elvis and Priscilla to the big screen based on her filmography. Read on to learn what we know about Priscilla if the thought of Sofia Coppola’s portrayal of the Presleys intrigues you.

Priscilla Movie Release Date

The movie Priscilla will debut on October 27 in a select number of theatres. That probably means that it will first only air in New York and Los Angeles before spreading to further US and foreign locations in the next weeks. We’ll update this page as we have more information about the Priscilla deployment. You can check out Twitter.

When You Finish Saving the World, Sharper, Showing Up, Beau Is Afraid, You Hurt My Feelings, and Past Lives have already been released by A24. Earth Mama, Talk to Me, Problemist, Medusa Deluxe, Occupied City, The Zone of Interest, and All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt are anticipated to join Priscilla as new films in 2023.

Who Is In The Cast of Priscilla?

In this version, Priscilla Presley will be portrayed by Cailee Spaeny, who most recently played the lead in the Blumhouse horror sequel The Craft: Legacy, while Elvis will be played by Jacob Elordi from Euphoria. Elvis has been portrayed by a number of actors over the years, including Matthew McConaughey in the Netflix animated series where Elvis is a spy and Austin Butler in his award-winning performance from last year, so Elordi is already in good company.

Priscilla Movie Release Date

In addition, the cast features Luke Humphrey (See) as Terry West, Emily Mitchell (Women Talking) as Lisa Marie Presley, Jorja Cadence (S*x/Life) as Patsy Presley, Tim Post (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as Vernon Presley, and Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll (Ghosts) as Alan “Hog Ears” Fortas.

What Is The Plot of Priscilla?

One of the most contentious issues in the rock star’s personal life is their relationship. Elvis and Priscilla. The movie Priscilla is based on Priscilla Presley’s autobiography, “Elvis and Me,” which details how she met Elvis, how they got married, and what ultimately caused them to split up. The book was turned into a made-for-TV film of the same name by Larry Peerce.

Even though Priscilla only met Elvis when she was fourteen, their romance is portrayed in popular culture as a modern-day fairy tale, and their affection for one another has been the subject of numerous retellings. Priscilla Presley will be the main subject of the movie, while Elvis would essentially be a supporting role with very little screen time.

The quantity of warning signs in their relationship and its ultimate outcome, however, is the ideal combination for dramatic tension, ranging from highs to lows and catching some genuinely human moments between the larger-than-life characters.

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Is There A Trailer For Priscilla?

A24 debuted the Priscilla’s official first trailer on June 21, 2023. Although the 45-second teaser features dialogue that is hardly original, it does provide us with just enough details about what to anticipate from the upcoming movie.

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