Oklahoma Officials Investigate Quadruple Homicide at Marijuana Growing Operation

According to the state’s bureau of investigation, the authorities in Oklahoma are looking for a suspect after the bodies of four persons were discovered on Sunday night at a marijuana growing operation in Kingfisher County. A fifth person was found injured at the scene.

Captain Stan Florence of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation said Monday that the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of people being held hostage on Sunday and found the victims when they got there.

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The individual who was hurt required medical attention and was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Oklahoma City, however, Florence stated that he was unaware of their present condition.

Florence said that police “have a suspect in mind,” but they don’t think the suspect is still in the area after searching all night with investigators on the ground, drones, and helicopters.

Florence said that the police are trying to figure out what happened, but they think that the victims and the suspect knew each other.

“They all know each other. [We] don’t know if they’re related, don’t know if they’re coworkers, but certainly these individuals were, we believe, all familiar with each other,” Florence said.

Florence says that the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is also there to look into the growing operation. It was not immediately obvious whether or not the operation had been legalised and licenced. Marijuana for medical purposes is allowed in Oklahoma.

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