Nelly And Ashanti Relationship: Fans Are Hopeful That They Will Get Back Together!

Nelly And Ashanti Relationship: The adage “what’s old is new again” applies here. Fans are also hoping that rapper Nelly and singer Ashanti would try again with their relationship. During their relationship, Ashanti and Nelly were regarded as one hip-power hop couple.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two ended, and Nelly and Ashanti parted ways. Fans think that the couple might be reviving their romance, nevertheless. After all, they just shared a stage at Oakland Arena in August 2022 and were observed interacting amicably at Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz Battle in September 2021. What gives, then? Are Nelly and Ashanti rekindling their relationship? Let’s look at their relationship timeline before the tea.

Nelly And Ashanti Relationship

At the 2003 Grammy Awards press conference, it all began. HITC claims that Ashanti and Nelly connected there after initially meeting. According to Ashanti on VH1’s Behind the Music special, through the Rap-Up, “The first time I met Nelly he asked me for my autograph, but I think he was being sarcastic and I remember putting it down on the program.” “Although the image has appeared in numerous magazines under different names, it all began as a joke. Just so you know, it took him a while to get my number.”

After The 2003 Meeting Nelly And Ashanti Relationship

For a relationship to be successful, privacy is crucial. It was obvious that Ashanti and Nelly soon started dating once they first met in 2003. The “Country Grammar” MC and the “Foolish” vocalist reportedly dated covertly for ten years. Although pictures of the two dating and flirtatious interactions in music videos circulated, the two remained secretive about their relationship at the time.

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Even thinking about proposing to Ashanti, Nelly. Nelly revealed his desire to advance in a 2010 interview with the Rap-Up. “In my opinion, you should make friends first. Nelly told the magazine that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. “I’m not the type of person who desires multiple marriages. I’m going to carry out my plans if I decide to. If you leave me, you’ll die. It’s interesting to note that Ashanti and Nelly’s 11-year on-again, the off-again relationship came to an end in April 2014.”

Ashanti is Hinted At Being Betrayed By Nelly

There is no fury like a woman scorned in hell! Although Ashanti has never spoken publicly about her relationship with Nelly, some admirers thought that she had provided some insight into how their romance ended. 2015 saw Ashanti make an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show, where she discussed “moving ahead” after being “betrayed.”

Nelly And Ashanti Relationship
Nelly And Ashanti Relationship

Insecurities can sometimes cause people to behave in ways that are inconsistent with who they are, Ashanti said. “I have been duped. Simply continue to develop. You need to mature. You need to take accountability for your actions. I don’t like it when people are cowards.”

In addition, during a 2018 concert, Ashanti famously insulted Nelly. F—k Nelly, someone in the crowd yelled. Ashanti continued, pointing at the person, and said, “Word.”

Fans Are Hopeful that Ashanti and Nelly Will Get Back Together

Everyone loves a good love story, and Ashanti and Nelly were popular pairs in the hip-hop community. Fans think that the couple’s flirtatious conduct signals a reunion because they recently performed their 2008 hit “Body on Me” together on stage at the Oakland Arena. Nelly also made a point to criticize Irv Gotti in the song.

Irv recently discussed his supposed past relationship with Ashanti. Irv talked about how he discovered Ashanti and Nelly were dating by seeing a basketball game the two of them went to together during his Drink Champs interview. Naturally, Nelly found out and the St. Louis MC made a point of criticizing Irv.

According to GlockTopickz’s Twitter page, the 47-year-old cracked a wisecrack towards the conclusion of Ashanti and Nelly’s performance. He asked Ashanti as she left the stage, “Ayo, I have floor seats to the next game, what’s going on?” Ashanti quickly squatted down and began to giggle. Congratulations, Mr. Pimp Juice.

Even if Ashanti and Nelly are getting along well, they might just be pals. Ashanti, Joe, and Ja Rule discussed her run-in with Nelly after the Fat Joe and Ja Rule Verzuz Battle because the reports of their reconciliation had gone into overdrive. Ashanti then responded, “Listen, nothing is happening.” This is the wild part, now look. Since we split up, I haven’t seen or spoken to him, so I had no idea he would be there. Approximately six years? I, therefore, had no idea what to expect. He moved you out of the path, as I saw.”

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