Nashville Parents Seek Privacy for School Shooter Memo Through Legal Action

On Wednesday, a group of Nashville, Tennessee, parents filed a motion to prohibit the public distribution of the Covenant School shooter’s writings.

A local news station published, “no one was more traumatized, or has suffered more” than the families of the victims and survivors of the massacre at The Covenant School earlier this year, which killed three children and three adult staff members.

The parents are seeking that the shooter’s writings not be made public, only days after 66 Tennessee GOP lawmakers requested that they be made public.

“The Parents see no good that can come from the release and wish to contend that the writings — which they believe are the dangerous and harmful writings of a mentally-damaged person — should not be released.”

Nashville Parents Seek Privacy for School Shooter Memo through Legal Action

Following the shooting, authorities discovered a map of the school as well as documents indicating that the suspect, Audrey Hale, had been planning the attack for months.

According to the Associated Press, Tennessee House Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison wrote to Nashville Police Chief John Drake requesting the release of the documents because they were “critical to understanding the shooter’s behavior and motives.”

The Hill official account tweeted the following statement. You can also find out more information about Nashville Parents Seek Privacy for School Shooter by reading the below tweet:-

He stated that the publication was required because the legislature is about to convene in a special session to debate a proposal to confiscate guns from people who may be dangerous to themselves or others.

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The parents are also “deeply concerned” about the effects of the writings’ release on their children.

“[T]he Parents are deeply concerned about releasing any of the writings while their children are still trying to finish the school year.” “Parents are concerned that such a release will only cause their children more pain and trauma.”

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