My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date: Where Can You Watch It?

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date: HBO’s My Brilliant Friend has finished its third season. The first two seasons of the show were top-notch. Spectators eagerly anticipate the fourth season of My Brilliant Friend. And NogMagazine is on a quest to give you all the details about My Brilliant Friend season 4 that you are eager to learn.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 was already in pre-production as of March 2022 when HBO announced the renewal. A season of the My Brilliant Friend drama typically takes around a year to develop, excluding COVID-related hiccups. The fourth season of My Brilliant Friend should air in February 2023 if the current pace is maintained.

Was My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Renewed Or Canceled?

We now have exciting news about My Brilliant Friend Season 4 for the show’s fans. An Instagram post from the program’s official account announced the renewal. It’s official; we can’t wait for the story to unfold when MyBrilliantFriend returns for Season Four! The announcement of the fourth season is bittersweet because it has also been made known that it will be the final installment of the continuing series.

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My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Spoiler

Everyone is anxiously anticipating the fourth season of My Brilliant Friend and is interested in learning the plot. Unfortunately, the production company has not yet announced the fourth season, and no My Brilliant Friend spoilers are currently available.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Plot

In the movie My Brilliant Friend, Elena Greco tells how she met Lila (Raffaella Cerullo), her best friend, in 1950, her first year in elementary school. Over 60 years of their lives are covered in their story, which takes place in a dangerous but intriguing Naples. It looks at Lila, who is simultaneously her closest friend and worst enemy.

What Can We Expect From My Brilliant Friend Season 4?

It will retell the closing chapters of Elena and Rafaella’s or Lenù and Lila’s friendship if the fourth book is followed by a new season. The third book of Ferrante’s trilogy ends with Elena still dating her longtime crush, Nino, and the fourth book picks up precisely where the third left off. Drama develops when Elena, who has abandoned her ex and her kids, learns that Nino’s wife is pregnant. From this point on, the story takes up, putting Elena in more challenging situations until reuniting her with Lila’s story.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Popularity

My Brilliant Friend’s last season is currently attracting more viewers. Since its initial airing, the program has continued to expand on its success and was introduced to a vast audience. There is a lot of excitement among the show’s viewers for the upcoming episode, and there has been talking of a potential 4th season.

What Happened at The End of My Brilliant Friend Season 3?

Pietro seems to begin noticing Lenù and Nino’s proximity, which leads him to inquire about their odd bond. Elena acknowledges her enduring affection for Nino. Nino returns to Lenù’s life and informs her that he has the strength to leave his wife as time passes, just as the two spouses start behaving like strangers to one another.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date
My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date

With this knowledge, the girl musters the will to leave Pietro and start a romantic relationship with Nino that she had previously been unable to. The next stage is to fly to France and start their lives there. While appealing to his wife to tell their children the trip will only take a few days, Pietro is compelled to accept her choice.

When Lila hears the news, she becomes concerned and calls her friend immediately to push her to change her mind. Lenù is confident that Nino is the love of her life, and she would do anything to start a new life with him. So, as we board the plane, we see our lovebirds getting ready to take off. Lenù is projected into the future as she uses the lavatory when she is an adult and grinning.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Cast

Margherita Mazzucco played Elena “Lenù” Greco in the show’s first three seasons; Alba Rohrwacher will take over the role in the fourth. Rohrwacher provided Elena’s voice for the show’s first three seasons, so she is familiar with it. Elena’s named friend is Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo, played by Gaia Grace.

According to several sources, Luisa Ranieri is anticipated to play Lila in the future season of the My Brilliant Friend show. HBO has not yet revealed the rest of the cast for My Brilliant Friend Season 4, which will likely feature entirely new actors.

Where Can You Watch My Brilliant Friend Season 4?

After much anticipation, Apple Tv+ has finally launched its most recent season, My Brilliant Friend season 3. To view the most recent episodes of this new series, get an Apple Tv+ subscription.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Trailer

Sadly, there has been no definite comeback. Thus, there is no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun. Thus it appears to take some time. But keep an eye on this space because we’ll let you know as soon as we have any new information.


The “My Brilliant Friend” series has introduced us to the world of female friendships and how a company may develop over many years. Each character came across as colorful and alive, as though we had known them for a long time. We hope that “My Brilliant Friend” Season 4 will provide an excellent finish for our favorite Lenù and Lily, even though it is disappointing that this will be the final season to air.  Stay tuned to our website for more related updates.