Mad Men Cast: Exploring The Brilliance of Unforgettable Characters!

Mad Men’s cast is full of incredibly great actors playing deeply complicated characters, from Jon Hamm to Elisabeth Moss.

Almost every important character is involved in ad*lterous affairs, unethical backroom dealings, and the pervasive spread of secondhand smoke. Mad Men is a subversively action-free show focusing on the evil executives of a New York advertising business in the 1960s.

Whereas The Sopranos and Breaking Bad could rely on mob ki!!ings and rail robberies to keep viewers interested, Mad Men had to rely solely on its characters and their interpersonal difficulties.

The cast of Mad Men earned two Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series over the course of seven critically acclaimed seasons.

Many Mad Men’s cast members were nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes for their respective performances; some even won.

The writers imagined a cast of rich, three-dimensional people, and the model brought them to life. Some of television’s most prolific actors deliver nuanced performances in Mad Men.

Jon Hamm As Don Draper

Hamm portrays the show’s brooding protagonist, philandering ad executive Don Draper. Don is one of the most iconic antiheroes of the “Peak TV” era, alongside Tony Soprano and Walter White.

Dick Whitman is his real name, and he stole his identity from his commanding officer during the Korean War. For his performance on Mad Men, Hamm received an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The actor has played scene-stealing supporting characters in films such as Bridesmaids, Baby Driver, and the superior sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

Elisabeth Moss As Peggy Olson

Moss portrays Peggy Olson as one of Mad Men’s feminist heroes. Peggy started out as Don’s secretary before working to become a top copywriter in her own office.

Mad Men Cast

Moss has been called “The Queen of Peak TV” by Vulture for her roles in Mad Men and other well-known TV series. Moss previously starred in The West Wing as Zoey Bartlet, President Josiah Bartlet’s youngest daughter, and then as June Osborne in Hulu’s widespread TV adaption of The Handmaid’s Tale, for which she won two Emmys.

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John Slattery As Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling, a managing partner at Sterling Cooper and eventually a founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, is played by John Slattery.
Roger’s long-standing association with Lucky Strike is central to the show’s business plots, and his shameless long-term affair with Joan was crucial to both of their character journeys. Slattery received four Emmy nominations for his performance in Mad Men.

He played journalist Ben Bradlee, Jr. in the Best Picture-winning picture Spotlight and Tony Stark’s father, Howard, in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

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Christina Hendricks As Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway (later Joan Harris), played by Christina Hendricks, is introduced as Sterling Cooper’s office manager and head of the typing pool.

By the end of the series, she has advanced to the rank of junior partner. Joan spent the whole series having an on-again, off-again relationship with Roger. Between seasons 2 and 3, she married Dr. Greg Harris, but the marriage dissolved when he went to Vietnam.

For her role in Mad Men, Hendricks got six Emmy nods. She also appeared as a supporting actress in Drive, Ginger & Rosa, and Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River.

Vincent Kartheiser As Pete Campbell

Vincent Kartheiser plays Pete Campbell, an ambitious young account executive from a wealthy family. Pete is so anxious for power that he attempts to blackmail Don, but the strategy backfires.

Despite his blackmail attempt, Pete looks up to Don and emulates his actions. Kartheiser also appeared as Connor in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series Angel and Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, in Titans season 3.

Before joining Mad Men, Kartheiser had leading parts in Alaska, Masterminds, and Another Day in Paradise.

January Jones As Betty Draper

Betty Draper, Don’s wife, and later ex-wife, is played by January Jones. Betty is the mother of Don’s three children, and she married Henry Francis after divorcing him.

Betty faced her mortality at the end of the series when she was diagnosed with lung cαncer and informed she had less than a year to live. Jones was nominated for an Emmy for her performance as Betty.

The actor is Melissa Chartres in The Last Man on Earth. He has acted in various films, including the raunchy American Wedding comedy and the comic book blockbuster X-Men: First Class.

Kiernan Shipka As Sally Draper

Kiernan Shipka plays Sally Draper, Don, and Betty’s oldest and most contentious kid. Sally debuted as a supporting character on Mad Men before being elevated to a prominent role in season four.

Shipka is most recognized for her roles as Sabrina Spellman, a young witch, in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and as a crossover cameo in the sixth season of Riverdale on The CW.

She also portrayed B.D. Hyman in FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan and Jinora in The Legend of Korra.

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