The Flash Movie Cast: The Main Protagonist And Speedster Superhero

The latest teaser for The Flash emphasized the DC film’s star-studded cast ahead of its highly anticipated premiere.

The Flash received positive reviews from critics after its debut at this year’s Cinema Con, heightening anticipation for its June release.

As the marketing campaign began, other whispers circulated regarding who characters would appear with the already-confirmed cast.

The Flash Movie Cast: Actors and Characters Confirmed and Rumored

Barry Allen – Ezra Miller

No Flash project would be complete unless it included its own spin on DC’s Scarlet Speedster. After appearing as the classic DC hero in Batman v Superman and Justice League, Ezra Miller reprises his role as Barry Allen in The Flash.

This time, though, Miller will play not only the version of the character that moviegoers are familiar with but also an alternate-universe Barry Allen, who will presumably become an evil version of the Scarlet Speedster as the film progresses.

While Miller’s future with the team is uncertain, they will get at least one more super-powered lap as the Flash before retiring their sprinters for good.

Sasha Calle – Supergirl

Even though Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel will not appear in The Flash, the cast will include a Kryptonian. In the next film, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will make her first (and possibly only) DC appearance.

Calle’s Kara Kent appears to be getting her own version of the Man of Steel plot, taking on the wicked General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. The Flash, on the other hand, is inspired by the Flashpoint plot, in which Supergirl (Superman in the comics) is imprisoned by the US government and de-powered by red sun energy.

Michael Keaton – Batman

Michael Keaton returns to The Flash as Bruce Wayne/Batman after 30 years away. Keaton’s Caped Crusader appears slightly different than when fans last saw him in 1992’s Batman Returns, with long white hair instead of his usual clean-cut appearance.

As the young hero finds himself in another dimension where this version of Bruce lives, Keaton’s Dark Knight will mentor Miller’s, Barry Allen.

Although it appears unlikely that Keaton would resume his DC role after The Flash, the Hollywood veteran will have one more chance to don the cape and cowl before saying farewell for good.

The marketing for The Flash also revealed the first look at Keaton’s unmasked Batman, depicting an older but still ferocious Bruce Wayne.

The Flash Movie Cast

Michael Shannon – General Zod

After a brief absence, Michael Shannon will reprise his role as General Zod on The Flash. Shannon hasn’t been seen or heard from in the costumed franchise since he d!ed in Man of Steel at the hands of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

But with the Multiverse at the center of The Flash’s story, Shannon’s Zod is back, this time going up against Ezra Miller’s Flash, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and Michael Keaton’s Batman. He was first announced to reprise his role in December 2021 and only got a first look, showing up in the film’s latest trailer.

Shannon also shared that he received Zack Snyder’s blessing to return as Zod in The Flash, saying, “Zack, to his credit, was very understanding.”

Ron Livingston – Henry Allen

After having been played by Billy Crudup previously in the DCU, Ron Livingston will step in to play Henry Allen for The Flash. Crudup was initially set to reprise his Justice League role as Barry Allen’s father but dropped out in March 2021.

Livingston joins the DC blockbuster after playing significant roles in Office Space, The Conjuring, and Band of Brothers. While Henry Allen is rarely an essential part of a Flash story, Barry’s parents are a driving force for the young hero.

Kiersey Clemons – Iris West

While not her first time playing Iris West (having made a brief appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League), Kiersey Clemons is back as the DC mainstay for The Flash.

Iris is usually the love interest for Barry Allen/The Flash; however, what is unknown is if Clemons’ character will pop up in both the DCU universe fans have occupied since 2013’s Man of Steel and the alternate universe set at the center of this super-powered epic.

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Antje Traue – Faora-Ul

With Michael Shannon’s General Zod back for more in The Flash, it is no surprise his lieutenant Faora-Ul (played by Antje Traue) is close behind. Traue played the villainous Kryptonian in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel but has not been present in the franchise since.

With The Flash looking to be – in part – a Multiversal riff on that DCEU kick-off film, it is exciting to see yet another member of the Man of Steel cast return. Now remains the question of whether she will make it out of this blockbuster after being taken down by Superman last time.

Ben Affleck – Batman

After playing a game of super-human “Will they? Won’t they?” for the last year or so, The Flash’s latest trailer confirmed that Ben Affleck’s Batman is, in fact, still in the film, marking what is likely his last appearance as the DC hero.

Affleck’s Caped Crusader will primarily be responsible for where audiences see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen when Andy Muschietti’s DC film starts. The character financially supports the Flash’s escapades as a superhero and looks to get in on the action at some point in the movie.

Affleck also confirmed that his return as Batman in The Flash is only for “five minutes,” indicating that he has a brief role.

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Maribel Verdú – Nora Allen

Maribel Verdú has a unique opportunity with her take on Nora Allen, bringing Barry Allen’s mother to the big screen for the first time.

While not much is known about her role in The Flash, the film’s first full-length trailer did hint that the alternate universe much of the film takes place in will be one where Nora lives, as opposed to being murd*red and having her husband (Henry Allen) being framed for the crime (something that was featured as an Easter egg in Zack Snyder’s Justice League).

Ian Loh – Young Barry Allen

Newcomer child actor Ian Loh joined the cast as a younger version of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Although Loh is expected to take on a small role, he did appear briefly in the trailer with Maribel Verdú‘s Nora Allen.

His appearance will likely come during the adult Barry Allen’s time travel mission to the past to save his mother’s life, thus creating the Flashpoint timeline.

Temura Morrison – Thomas Curry

While Temura Morrison’s Thomas Curry has yet to be seen in any footage from The Flash, it has been reported that the Aquaman star will appear.

The Boba Fett actor previously played Thomas Curry, the father of Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman, so if he were to make an appearance, it could have something to do with an alternate universe version of the Atlantean hero. However, this theory could prove false with words that a cameo from Momoa was cut from the film.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Despite having no character publicly attached to her at this time, Saoirse-Monica Jackson is still set to appear in The Flash. Nothing has been made about the Irish-born actress’s role in the movie except for her name appearing on a call sheet in March 2021.

Jackson also spoke out, supporting co-star Ezra Miller when embroiled in legal troubles for much of 2022. It is up in the air as to who the young actress could be playing, but with the tease of a whole new Justice League in the film, perhaps she has something to do with that.

Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso is another The Flash actor with a yet-to-be-confirmed role in the film. His name appeared on the same call sheet that revealed Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s involvement in the movie. Mancuso will be familiar to fans of Vine, as the actor held the fourth-highest follower count on the now-sunsetted video platform.

It remains a secret as to who is playing, but with his comedic prowess demonstrated in his YouTube and Vine skits, surely whenever he does pop up in the DC film, it will be to provide a laugh or two.

Luke Brandon Field

And the last name attached to The Flash without any official details about their role is Luke Brandon Field.

The actor will make his DC debut in the upcoming film after having found success working with Taika Waititi on his film Jojo Rabbit.

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Grant Gustin – The Flash

Nothing official has been said about his appearance in The Flash, although CW Flash actor Grant Gustin has been extensively reported to star in the DC flick.

Gustin is nearing the end of his nine-season run on The CW’s The Flash. With all the Mutliversal shenanigans in the upcoming Flash movie – plus the fact that Ezra Miller made a cameo in Gustin’s TV series in 2020 – it might make sense to include Gustin’s version of Barry for at least a moment on the big screen.

A rumor also suggested that The Flash will have an Arrowverse connection, with many assuming it will involve Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster and others speculating it will be another speedster from The CW’s shared reality.

On the other hand, Gustin denied reports that he’ll play the Arrowverse’s Flash in the film, adding that he’s “not keeping some big elaborate secret, no.”

George Clooney – Batman

This new rumor has surfaced, but it may have some reality. Another Caped Crusader expected to appear during The Flash could be Goerge Clooney’s, Joel Schmaker-era Batman.

Insider Grace Randolph sparked this Clooney-sized rumor when she tweeted that a “former Batman” will make a cameo at the film’s end, establishing himself as the new Batman for the DC Universe.

This notion was debunked by DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn, who stated that Clooney is “absolutely not” the franchise’s new Dark Knight but did not mention Clooney being in The Flash.

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

Despite reports that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman role in The Flash had been trimmed, Batman star Ben Affleck announced that the Justice League heroine will still feature in the film.

Affleck revealed that one of his moments as Batman in The Flash involves being “saved by Wonder Woman,” with Diana’s “Lasso of Truth” causing Bruce to “[divulge] some of his real feelings about his life and his work.”

Hopefully, the DCEU’s Batman and Wonder Woman will have one final reunion in The Flash.

Henry Cavill – Superman

According to The Wrap, Henry Cavill received $250,000 for his “now-deleted” Superman appearance in The Flash.

While Cavill’s role as Superman is over after his brief cameo in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, a new rumor suggests that the character will still appear via the Speedforce.

However, no new footage for Superman in The Flash was shot because the rumor claimed that it was “repurposed” material from Justice League.

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