Locker Board Net Worth: What Happened To It After The Shark Tank Pitch?

Carson Kropfl, the 14-year-old inventor who made the Locker Board, a skateboard that fits inside a school locker, was in a tough spot in his life. The San Clemente teen wanted to grow his product. When he showed it on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” in 2017, Branson liked it and gave him some money to help it grow. But he didn’t want to miss out on being a kid in his precious teenage years.

Kropfl said that Branson, who owns Virgin Group, which runs about 400 companies around the world, told him, “I have to delegate.” “I really did what he said. I went to school online, and I didn’t like it. I wanted to go to school all day with my friends. I give my work to other people so I can do it all, go to school, and hang out with my friends.

So, Kropfl started talking to the toy company Wham-O. Wham-O is based in Carson, California, and has licenses for popular toys like the Frisbee, the Hula-Hoop, and even the Morey Boogie Board, which was made by Tom Morey, who lives just a few blocks away from Kropfl.

What Is A Locker Board?

Locker Board is a new way to get around that was made by a young boy in his hometown of Southern California. A Locker Board is a skateboard that doesn’t fold up and is made to fit in a school locker or a bag for easy storage when it’s not being used. The device, which was made from recycled materials at first, is meant to be a more flexible alternative to a regular skateboard.

Who Started The Locker Board?

Carson Kropfl, a middle school student from San Clemente, California, made the first Locker Boards in his house. This wasn’t even his first business venture. He has also made a device that lets you surf on the ground with a skateboard. Carson was eventually forced to hire other people to make his products because demand was higher than his skills. When he was 11, Carson Kropfl came up with the idea for the Locker Board. This young entrepreneur had just started middle school and was unhappy that his skateboards were too big to fit in his locker.

Locker Board Net Worth
Locker Board Net Worth

Carson made and sold the first Locker Boards on his own because he didn’t want to do chores and was too young to work for money. Kropfl is being taught by some of the most powerful people in the world. Wing Lam, who helped start Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, who works on Nike’s Sustainable Innovation Team as a sustainability specialist, are two of the people he counts.

Carson supports environmentally friendly business practices and gives money to the Tony Hawk Foundation, which builds skate parks in areas that need them. He gives $1 to the charity for every board that is sold.

What Happened To The Locker Board At The Shark Tank Pitch?

Carson and his mother went on the first episode of season 9 of Shark Tank to try to get $60,000 for 15 of Carson’s businesses. This works out to a value of $400,000. He skates in with Sierra, does some tricks, and then sits on the carpet with his mother. He gives his presentation, which includes information about the Street Tubes skating “Kite.” Sierra then gives out samples and goes backstage. His mother says that old skateboard decks were used to make the Locker Board. It is 16 inches long and can fit in lockers or backpacks.

Carson tells the Sharks about how he gets free old decks. Since September, he has been selling on social media and has made $10,000. He wants the Shark money to fix up his website, buy a lot of skate parts, and make more skates. The boards cost $13 to make, $55 to sell in bulk, and $99 to sell directly to customers. He makes all of the boards in a workshop in his backyard. He even has patents in the works on the boards. Carson has won over every Shark. Lori left after telling Carson that he was great, but she wasn’t going to put money into the company.

Daymond said that he would ask for too much stock, which he thought would slow the growth of the company. He thought that they had a lot of room to grow and could do so without them. Daymond went outside. Mark wanted to make an offer. He said that he would give Carson a 20% stake in the business in exchange for $60,000. The production process was not part of his plan. Carson had helped with this in the past. Mark wanted to set up accounts on sites like Instagram and YouTube. Richard asks if he can join in on what’s going on. Mark says no, so Richard makes a counteroffer of $65,000 for 20%. Mark says no.
Robert gives a loan with a fixed rate of 8%. Carson asks Richard Branson what he would do to help the business grow. He sees a lot of himself in Carson. Carson takes a moment to think before continuing with the deal.

What Happened To Locker Board After The Shark Tank Pitch?

Carson’s mother said that after the Shark Tank show aired, their sales went up by 300 percent. The same thing happened to their Internet traffic. Richard and I finished the contract. Carson went to home school for the two weeks after the show was supposed to happen so he could focus on the company. After finishing middle school, he chose to go back to “real” school for high school. In February 2020, the business made its debut on “The Shark Tank Greatest of All Time Special” in the “baby sharks” category, which featured young entrepreneurs. In March 2020, he signed a licensing deal with Wham-O, the company that makes the slip-and-slide and many other toys. As of November 2021, you can buy Wham-O Locker Boards at Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and a lot of other stores and websites.

Locker Board Net Worth

Carson and his mother went on the first episode of season 9 of Shark Tank to try to get $60,000 for 15 of Carson’s businesses. This works out to a value of $400,000. They agreed to Richard’s offer of $65,000 for a 20% stake, which was worth $325,000. Since the company has grown, it is clear that the current value is now higher.

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