Why is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair? True Story of Texas Governor’s Accident

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a popular politician who has garnered massive support from his supporters over the years. The public figure has been acting as the 48th governor of Texas since 2015. Though not loved by many, the Republican Party member has a special place in the heart of his supporters. Greg Abbott is an active part of the Donald Trump administration which has been promoting conservative agendas including that of taking measures against abortion. However, apart from his controversial beliefs, Governor Greg Abbott is also known to advocate for disability rights. 

The governor has been seen in his wheelchair, ruling over his people. But people are always curious to find out why Governor Greg Abbott is in a wheelchair. The governor has openly discussed the dreadful incident that changed his life and so, here is the true reason. 

Why is Governor Greg Abbott in a wheelchair?

Governor Greg Abbott always believed in staying active and following a fitness routine. The renowned politician always opened up about how one incident messed up with his life plans forever. This Texas politician recalls the moment that brought disability on him. Back in 1984, when Governor Greg Abbott was a 26-year-old lad, he had a lot of ambitions and dreams to fulfill. Fresh out of Vanderbilt as a law school graduate, the Duncanville High School student never could have imagined this day in his life.

Why Is Governor Greg Abbott In A Wheelchair
Why Is Governor Greg Abbott In A Wheelchair

 One day, the 26-year-old Greg took his usual study break while preparing for the bar exam. To lighten up his mind, he went jogging with his roommate around the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston. He was running to stay fit and divert his mind. But little did he know that an unprecedented accident is about to make his upcoming days harder. While running, suddenly an oak tree grew weak after a storm fell on Greg in a blink of an eye. This led to life-long damage and ended up paralyzing Governor Greg Abbott forever.

He detailed his experience by uploading a YouTube video to his official account. The Texas governor said, “I was just jogging along like any other day.”

“Then, bam – a huge explosion-type sound occurred right next to me,” “Next thing I know, I was down because this huge tree had fallen on me.”

“The pain was excruciating, it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my back,” “I was literally at death’s door and felt like I had to cling to every single moment.”

Abbott later recalled the takeaway he had from this situation and explained, “For me, that lesson was perseverance. It was the lesson of never, ever giving up,” “Our lives aren’t defined by our challenges. Instead, we get to define our lives based on how we respond to those challenges.”

As a matter of fact, surgeons even said that his bone fragments further ended up in the Texas governor’s broken spine. Greg suffered from serious injuries like fractured ribs, and damaged kidneys and was on complete bed rest for a month straight. Later he was in rehab which helped him attain strength after his low part got paralyzed. That is why Governor Greg Abbott is always in a wheelchair.

Who is Governor Greg Abbott?

Born on 13th November 1957 in the beautiful Wichita Falls, Texas, Greg was destined to be big in life. The University of Texas at Austin graduate has become a prominent name in the political world. He passed with his law degree from the prestigious Vanderbilt Law School in Tennessee. Then he proceeded to become Attorney General of Texas from 2002 to 2015. It was Governor Greg Abbott who filed as many as 31 lawsuits against former US President Barack Obama. He is not only the 48th governor of Texas but also the third-ever governor of the U.S. to serve the nation in a wheelchair.

However, Governor Greg Abbott has controversial views that landed him in trouble time and again. Apart from opposing abortion, he is against same-sex marriage, and also supports lenient gun laws. He even strongly disagreed with vaccine mandates and face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Greg Abbott has proven to be an influential leader despite the fact that he is fulfilling to his supporters in a wheelchair. The governor has huge popularity and it is only increasing over the years. Thus, it only matters if Governor Greg Abbott is doing his task with full diligence and honesty. 

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