Liver King Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

In the internet age, it only takes a few seconds for a video, photo, audio, or text to go viral. Brian Johnson, the founder and C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) of “Ancestral Lifestyle,” is one of these people who rose to fame overnight. Few people know him by his real name, Brian Johnson, while most fans call him “Liver King.” Recently, a video of him lifting dumbbells in front of Buckingham Palace made people talk about him online. Liver King wouldn’t have been in the news if it had been any other time. After Queen Elizabeth II died and everyone in the area was mourning, he started lifting weights in front of the palace.

Liver King posted a video of himself with the caption, “Too many UK Primals have not left the comfort of the cave, complaining about the cold and not showing their highest and most dominant form. As the C.E.O. of the Ancestral Lifestyle, “it’s my goddamn job to change that.” As I’ve already said, Liver King would have been forgotten in any other place or time. The public was very unhappy with what he did.

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In this article, find out more about Brian Johnson, also known as Liver King. Learn about Liver King’s early life, career, marriage, earnings, and how much he makes.

Liver King Net Worth

According to our reports, the American social media influencer Brian Johnson, also known as “Liver King,” has a net worth of $1 million as of this year.

Liver King was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and has made a lot of money as an expert on fitness and diet. He mostly used social media to get attention and now earns thousands of dollars monthly. Liver King is not only able to change people’s minds through his social media accounts, but he is also able to make a living through his business ventures.

He started a fitness line called “Ancestral Lifestyle,” where he sells a wide range of products to his clients. Liver King started the companies Ancestral Supplements, Medicine Man Plant Company, Heart & Soil, and The Fittest. King also makes a few extra dollars by endorsing brands and promoting them. Let’s find out how much Liver King earns.

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How Much Does Liver King Make?

Our research shows that the American social media influencer Liver King makes up to $700k a year from his businesses and social media accounts. Besides this, he also makes extra money by advertising and promoting for money. Also, he makes a lot of money each month from his businesses. Liver King also makes a lot of money from selling merchandise, having guests on the show, and selling supplements. Liver King is said to make between $40,000 and $50,000 per month and between $10,000 and $20,000 per week. Look at the list below to see how much Liver King has made from his social media accounts.

Liver King Earnings

More than 179k people follow the C.E.O. of Ancestral Lifestyle on YouTube. Last year, Liver King started putting videos on his YouTube channel. In just a few months, he had more than 100,000 subscribers. As you can see, his track “Liver King” is almost 200,000 subscribers. Every month, an average of 23 new people subscribe to it. People say that Liver King makes up to $330k from his YouTube channel. King gets paid for the ads and promotions he runs on his channel. On average, 6.8 million people watch his videos monthly, so he makes between $1,700 and $27,500 each month.

Liver King Instagram Earnings

As of this writing, more than 1.5 million people follow Liver King on Instagram. He is a social media influencer. Many people know (and many people don’t know) that Instagram influencers make money through paid posts. Earnings from sponsored posts depend mostly on how many people click on them. The influencer will get paid more by clients the more people they get to work with them. Liver King gets paid more than $2,000 to post a promotional video to his Instagram account.

In the same way, an American influencer can get between $701 and $935 for a paid picture. Liver King gets at least $467 for promoting a company, brand, or product through an Instagram story. He also makes extra money through affiliate programs on social media. But how much he makes will depend on how many things he sells through his account.

Liver King Business Ventures

Liver King is focused on more than just his social media accounts. He is also focused on his business. He makes most of his money from his Ancestral Supplements. King says that this product can help a person get his health back on track in a big way. The main goal of this supplement and diet is to boost the body’s immune system with natural substances. It also discourages eating processed foods. Brian also tells his audience to start eating raw meat, like liver, kidneys, bone marrow, and other organs. The name “Liver King” comes from the social media influencer eating liver every day. Our reporters say that Liver King makes up to $250,000 a year just from endorsement deals.

Early Life of Liver King

Reports say that the Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the United States of America, on April 7, 1977. Most of Liver King’s childhood was spent in Texas; unlike now, he was skinny in high school. Brian has said that he was a shy child, mostly because he lost his father when he was young. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, and bullies picked on him a lot in high school.

Liver King started working out to build muscle after one of his mother’s lovers told him to. Brian was lucky that the boyfriend of his mother had a weightlifting bench. King used the weightlifting bench to its fullest, and his body started to look like that of a bodybuilder almost immediately. After high school, Liver King got a degree in chemistry from Texas Tech University. But he quit college in the middle of the semester and started working at a drug company to make money.

Liver King’s Job

Liver King started to learn how to snowboard while he was working at the medical company. In 2004, Liver King met a woman named Barbara, now known as Liver Queen. Barbara used to work as a dentist, according to the records. After they started going out together, they opened their dentist’s office. Later, the two began to learn about supplements and started taking them daily.

After their children were born, Liver King noticed his kids got sick and had to go to the doctor. Later, King and his wife came across a book by Sally Fallon called “Nourishing Traditions.” As King and his wife added the supplements to their diet, they saw that their children’s health had improved. King and his family soon stopped eating processed foods and switched to eating natural foods.

Last year, Liver King started posting videos of his diets and workout plans on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Liver King also started telling his viewers what he ate every day, which led to him becoming known for eating raw meat in his videos. In no time, Liver King’s social media accounts had thousands of followers, and he started going on different channels and podcasts to promote his products and talk about his life, habits, diets, etc.

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Liver King’s Personal Life

Liver King, an American social media influencer, met the love of his life when he worked at a pharmaceutical company in 2004.

Liver King Personal Life
Liver King Personal Life

Liver King started putting money aside for his hobbies while he was working. He started snowboarding in the end, and on one of his trips, he met Barbara Johnson, who would become his wife. Back then, Barbara worked as a dentist. After they got married, the two of them had two sons. Stryker is his first son, and he is 15 years old. Rad is the second son, and he is 13 years old.


You can make a living by doing anything that helps people, and Liver King’s story is the best example. At first, he just went with the flow of life, but he eventually made a living by giving his audience fitness tips. Liver King now has many people following him on social media, and his business ventures make him a lot of money. The social media influencer has a net worth of $1 million, and in the next few days, the value of his brand is expected to grow by many times that amount. Stay tuned to our site Nog for more updates.

Questions People Ask About Liver King

1. Who is the Liver King?

 Liver King Brian Johnson is an American fitness trainer with many followers on social media. He also started the company “Ancestral Lifestyle,” which makes supplements.

2. What is Liver King worth?

A. According to our reports, the founder and C.E.O. of Ancestral Lifestyle, Liver King’s net worth is close to $1 million as of this writing.

3. How old Is Liver King?

A. Liver King, an American internet celebrity and business owner are, 45 years old.

4. How tall is Liver King, the bodybuilder?

According to our records, internet influencer Liver King is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.