Simon Guobadia Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is Porsha Willems’ Fiancee?

Simon Guobadia Net Worth: The engagement of RHOA actors Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia stunned viewers of the reality television series “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The fact that this occurred just a few weeks after Guobadia and Falynn’s divorce was even more startling. Porsha and Falynn, who both appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta, have been close friends.

Particularly in light of the fact that Porsha was responsible for introducing her to the show. Therefore, the phrase “stab in the back” may be appropriate to describe this sudden turn of events. However, as the saying goes, problems of the heart can never be entirely reasoned out. Simply follow your passion wherever it takes you.

Simon Guobadia Net Worth

In terms of business, Simon Guobadia has achieved success. He is in charge of SIMCOL Group and SIMCOL Petroleum. His actual yearly compensation from the corporation is unknown, although it is unquestionably high. Simon Guobadia’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be more than $40 million.

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Simon Guobadia Early Life

In 1964, Simon came into the world. He is the eldest of seven siblings and comes from a secure middle-class family. The Nigerian Prison Services employed Stanley Guobadia Sr. for a successful career; he retired as the Assistant Director of Prisons. The 57-year-old, who had finished primary and secondary school in Nigeria, then moved on to Loyola College in Ibadan.

After graduating from Loyola College in 1982, Simon enrolled in Government College Ughelli in Delta State, Nigeria, but he never completed his degree. Simon attended the University of Maryland to study business when he initially came to the country. His accounting bachelor’s degree from the University of the District of Columbia was awarded to him in 1993.

Simon Guobadia Career

Before starting his own business, Guobadia worked as a tax manager for Deloitte, a management consulting company with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked there for nearly two and a half years, from August 2004 to December 2006. The SIMCOL Group has been managed by the same family since its inception in January 2007.

Simon Guobadia Net Worth
Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Many legitimate businesses and endeavors are represented, including oil and gas companies, media production companies, nonprofit organizations, and financial institutions. The CEO and only proprietor of the business are Guobadia. Fuel distributor SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is one of the fuels that the company is skilled at handling and distributing (ULSD).

According to the firm, Guobadia was in charge of increasing SIMCOL Petroleum’s clientele from one-day sales to lengthy, profit-guaranteed contracts. Guobadia, in addition to running his wildly prosperous chain of petrol stations, has devoted his economic acumen and discipline to a number of charity initiatives. Son Of The South, Kill, Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theater, and Jail Dogs are just a few of the films that Guobadia has created.

Simon Guobadia Personal Life

Former reality star Falynn Guobadia was wed to Simon Guobadia. On July 14, 2019, he married Falynn at the Villa Christina in the Hyatt Regency. Everyone was surprised to learn that both parties were repeating their wedding. While Simon had five children from his first marriage, his ex-wife Falynn had three from a previous relationship.

It’s widely believed that the pair are experiencing marital issues. They don’t follow each other on Instagram. Simon also went on a journey by himself without Falynn. They haven’t formally declared their split, so for the time being, these may simply be rumors. In January 2021, Simon filed for divorce from Falynn.

He waited a month before requesting a divorce once more, this time citing an “irretrievable breakdown.” Simon and I have made the difficult decision to part ways after two years of marriage and five years of friendship, Falynn announced on April 22. Simon and Porsha Williams have been dating for a while and are now engaged.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Our relationship started a month ago – yes, we are madly in love.” Although it’s busy, we’re trying to make the most of each day. I made the decision to be cheerful every day.

Final Lines

It is anticipated that Simon Guobadia will be worth $40 million. He founded SIMCOL Petroleum and SIMCOL Group, where he also holds the position of CEO today. Son of the South, Kill, Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theater, and Jail is a few of the films he has produced. The CEO of SIMCOL Group and SIMCOL Petroleum is Simon Guobadia. He has five children from his first marriage, compared to his ex-wife Falynn’s three from a previous union.

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Simon Guobadia Net Worth FAQ

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Business Producer Simon Guobadia has a solid reputation. Simon Guobadia, born on June 2, 1964, is currently 57 years old.

What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth?

Producer and businessman Simon Guobadia is worth $40 million. On June 2, 1964, Simon Guobadia was conceived.

What is Simon Guobadia’s weight?

The entrepreneur and successful producer Simon Guobadia is 65 kilograms. Learn more about Simon Guobadia by reading the article above.

How tall is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia is a 168 cm tall Producer, Business.

How old is Simon Guobadia?

On June 2, 1964, Simon Guobadia was conceived. The age of Simon Guobadia is 57.