Meet Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Cast: Get to Know the New Faces!

Season 2 of “The Lincoln Lawyer” is finally here, and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is back in his role as the affable defence attorney Mickey Haller in the exciting city of Los Angeles. The series was created by the gifted David E. Kelley and is based on the popular books by Michael Connelly. It was well received after its first season.

Join us in the courtroom as we discuss the returning cast of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2. Prepare to meet the wonderful actors who portray these unique characters. This ensemble, which includes both established actors and rising talents, will make for a compelling legal drama. Let’s get this show on the road!

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer is “based on the novel ‘The Fifth Witness’ by Michael Connelly,” which states that Mickey Haller expands his company into foreclosure defense and represents Lisa Trammell, who is suspected of committing a mugging of a wealthy man. Mickey works hard to clear his client’s name despite his suspicions that she is guilty.

Mickey Haller as Manuel Garcia-rulfo

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo portrays Mexican lawyer Mickey Haller, whose office is in his Lincoln SUV. Haller is a local; he was born there. When Mickey’s fellow attorney Jerry Vincent dies under mysterious circumstances and leaves Mickey his whole business and workload, Mickey, who had become addicted to opioids after an injury, returns to work.

Mickey Haller as Manuel Garcia-rulfo

He maintains cordial relationships with his exes and uses a client-turned-driver to get to and from the office. Following his massive success at the end of Season 1, Mickey enters Season 2 as the undisputed “hottest defence lawyer in LA.”

Garcia-Rulfo, who was born in Mexico, has been in blockbuster movies including The Magnificent Seven, Mu*der on the Orient Express, and 6 Below after moving to Hollywood.

Cisco as Angus Sampson

Angus Sampson portrays Cisco, Mickey’s main investigator, and Lorna’s fiance. He has a lot of street smarts and connections within the LAPD because of his time spent as a biker gang member.

Sampson has been in a wide variety of films and television shows, including “Insidious,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Our Flag Means De@th.”

Lorna as Becki Newton

Lorna, portrayed by Becki Newton, is Mickey’s second ex-wife and the office manager/de facto paralegal because of her promising but unfinished legal education. Even though Mickey and Lorna have been apart for a long time and Lorna is now engaged to Cisco, they still respect and appreciate one another since Mickey is closer to Lorna than Maggie is.

In addition to her role as Ugly Betty’s catty yet sympathetic receptionist Amanda, Newton has also appeared in the comedies How I Met Your Mother and Divorce.

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Maggie as Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell, a deputy district attorney, portrays Maggie, Mickey’s ex-wife and Haley’s mother. Maggie is passionate about the role of the courts, which stands in stark contrast to Mickey’s opinion of the US government.

Mickey chose his job over his family, but the sparks between him and Minnie are still hot. Campbell is the quintessential scream queen because of her portrayal of Sidney Prescott in the Scream films, but she has also appeared in guest roles on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and House of Cards.

Izzy as Jazz Raycole

Jazz Izzy, portrayed by Raycole, is a recovering dancer and former client of Mickey’s. She used to be addicted to opioids but has since kicked the habit. After she told Mickey she couldn’t afford his services, he offered her a job as his personal driver.

Since the late ’90s, Raycole has worked as a professional actor and dancer, appearing in shows such as My Wife and Kids, Bones, and The Quad.

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Lisa Trammell as Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla’s character, Lisa Trammell, is a beloved local chef and activist who turns to Mickey for defence after being falsely accused of mu*der. Although she is most known for her role as Regina Mills/The Evil Queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Parrilla has appeared as a guest performer on a wide variety of television shows, such as Lost, The Defenders, and Why Women K!ll.

Andrea “Andy” Freeman as Yaya Dacosta

Yaya Dacosta’s character, prosecutor Andrea “Andy” Freeman, is an unstoppable opponent in court for Mickey and a close friend of Mickey’s ex-wife, Maggie.

Dacosta became well-known all over the world for her portrayal of April Sexton on the Chicago-based television series Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

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