Leslie Jordan Cause of Death Revealed: How Did He Died?

Leslie Jordan’s cause of death has been revealed. The Los Angeles coroner confirms to ET that the comedian died in October of sudden cardiac dysfunction and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. He was 67.

The first cause is a problem with the heart’s electrical system that leads to ventricular fibrillation and a dangerously fast heartbeat. The last cause is when fats, cholesterol, and other substances build up in and on the walls of the arteries, blocking blood flow.

Leslie Jordan Cause of Death
Leslie Jordan Cause of Death

Jordan died in a car accident in Los Angeles on Oct. 24. This is listed as the cause of death. TMZ said that the comedian was driving when he may have had a medical emergency and crashed into the building.

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In a statement that came out soon after, the Los Angeles Fire Department said that when they got to the scene, they saw that a grey sedan had hit a curb and a tree.

Then they found Jordan with no pulse and no signs of life. Responders from the LAFD quickly got him out of his seat belt and out of the car so they could start CPR and defibrillation. For more than 40 minutes, LAFD Paramedics kept giving him advanced life support measures. After his vital signs didn’t change, the LAFD and the medical control physician at the Paramedic Base Station Hospital decided at 9:38 a.m. that Jordan was dead at the scene.

After Jordan died, his representative told ET that “the world is much darker today without the love and light of Leslie Jordan.” Nearly a month after the actor died, a memorial service was held in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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