Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Release Date Status Updates

Hello, everyone! What is Genki Desu? It’s true that the name of anime, or even the subject matter of anime, may help ill people get better and even improve one’s attitude. Deso?
It goes without saying that the anime that we will be discussing today is a very popular one. Not only is the manga popular, but so is the anime, which is also widely viewed and has a large number of dedicated fans on the internet. So, what exactly am I referring to? Let’s get started, shall we?

The anime series Houseki no Kuni is based on a manga series. The Orange Studio uses computer graphics to create the animation, which is then shown on the screen.

Toshiya No wrote the script for the action fantasy, which was directed by Takahiko Kyogoku. Yoko Baba, Hiroshi Kamei, Yichi Tada, Maya Fujino, Tomoyo Kamiji, Mika Shimizu, Yoshihiko Yamazaki, Hirotaka Kaneko, and Kento Yoshida are among the individuals who have contributed to the production of the anime. Phew, a large number of people came together to make the most of the situation.

There are a total of 12 episodes in the series, each of which runs for 24 minutes. The anime first aired in 2017. When are you planning to view this film, which is distributed by Orange Studio and licenced by Sentai Filmworks and MVM Films?
Now, before I get into why this is a must-see anime, I want to clarify something. And tell others about your experience. For those of you who have already seen it, please allow me to respond to you first.

If you’re wondering whether or not anime will make a return, look no further. How long till the second season is released? Or is the second season out yet? Is it a no-show or something? Well, don’t worry about it too much, we’ll handle it. You relax and peruse the articles while you’re at it. Let me assure you that the article will be filled with positive news, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Release Date Of Land of the Lustrous Season 2

First and foremost, the premiere of Season 1 of the anime was completed on December 27th, 2017, which was the day on which the series premiered.

Since then, it’s been four years. However, does this imply that we won’t be seeing a new season of the show?

We should start by looking at the Adobe factors. The anime’s source material will be updated in July 2020 with the release of the newest volume. In this case, the source material won’t be an issue since the anime has a tale to tell about.

Here’s the bottom line: Despite the fact that the volumes are selling extremely well. Season 1 also had greater ratings than the norm. Producers, on the other hand, worry that even if the show returns for a second season, its box office returns may fall short of expectations.

It’s possible they’ll make money, but despite the fact that the anime was a big success, profits fell short of projections. And Netflix isn’t even there to back them up.

However, does this indicate that there is no hope? Absolutely not. For the time being, we can only say that the next season of the anime will be released by the end of 2022. After four years, we believe that if we don’t see the anime before year-end, it will most likely never return.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2

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Cast Of Land of the Lustrous Season 2

In far of plot details, all we know is that the new season will follow along with the new volume’s adaptation. There is a remote possibility that the anime may return by the end of 2022, thanks to the publication of additional volumes in 2021.

Here are some of the main Cast:

  • Rutile
  • Phosphophyllite
  • Diamond
  • Cinnabar
  • Jade
  • Bort
  • Morganite
  • Red Beryl
  • Goshenite

The personalities you’re most likely to encounter are these ones.

Storyline Of Land of the Lustrous Season 1

Meet the characters whose flesh and blood has been replaced by crystals. So that they can exist in an environment that is inhospitable to humans. The crystals in their bodies make me wonder whether they’re still safe.

No, this is not the case. Lunarians, who search these stones for jewellery, must now be known to them. What are the chances of these new species’ lives being jeopardised now?

IMDb gives it an 8 and My Anime List gives it an 8.40. (MAL).

Where To Watch Land Of The Lustrous Season 2?

You may watch the anime on Gogoanime, Amazon Prime Videos, or HiDive.

If you haven’t seen it, you should do so right now. I’ve provided you with a link to the trailer so that you may see the anime when it airs.

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End Lines

The February 2021 edition of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine revealed on Friday that Haruko Ichikawa’s Land of the Lustrous (Hseki no Kuni) manga would go on sabbatical starting with the next issue, which will be published in March.

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