Lacey Chabert Husband: How Many Children Do They Have?

Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen Weiners in the 2004 film Mean Girls, is one of the most renowned it-girls who married her long-term lover, David Nehdar. The couple married on December 22, 2013, and have lived blissfully.

Since we know so much about Lacey Chabert, including her acting and voice-over work, it’s past time we learn more about her husband, David Nehdar.

Lacey Chabert’s Husband

Lacey Chabert’s husband, David Nehdar, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is a wealthy businessman. He has wanted to be one since childhood, and his drive has allowed him to succeed.

He began working for his family’s company after receiving his degree in Business Administration. His thorough understanding of the real estate market has enabled him to make multiple winning investments throughout his career.

Lacey Chabert Husband

Because of his extensive experience, David Nehdar has moved into the entertainment and hotel businesses.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many photos of him online. David Nehdar, married to a well-known actress, is not one to brag. While images of Lacey with a man in wedding garb have circulated online, the man is not her spouse. In truth, most of the men pictured with Lacey were her onscreen husbands.

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A Look at Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar’s Romantic Wedding

Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar honored their love union with a sweet, tranquil, and private wedding ceremony.

Although we wanted to share their joy, the couple kept their marriage secret, thus their lovely and romantic wedding photos were rarely seen online. We know what you’re saying. At times, celebrity life can be too intrusive.

Do Lacey Chabert And David Nehdar Have children?

Lacey Chabert announced on Twitter in 2016 that she was expecting a child. A few weeks later, they announced the baby’s gender on Instagram, revealing that she would be a girl. In honor of Lacey’s mother, Julie Chabert, the couple named their beautiful baby Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar.

The pair has been continuously posting images and updating admirers worldwide on their lives and the adorableness of their baby, Julia.

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