Funeral march travels through Buenos Aires to commemorate the murder of prosecutor Nisman

Uma marcha percorreu as ruas de Buenos Aires em memória do promotor Alberto Nisman, no sétimo aniversário de sua morte, que é investigada como assassinato por tribunais na Argentina, 18 de janeiro

A march went through the streets of Buenos Aires in memory of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, on the seventh anniversary of his death, which is being investigated as a murder by courts in Argentina, January | Photo: EFE/ Enrique Garcia Medina

A funeral march went through the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday in memory of prosecutor Alberto Nisman on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his death, which continues to be investigated by the Argentine courts.

The prosecutor was heading the investigation of the terrorist attack against the headquarters of the Associação Mutual Israelita de Buenos Aires (Amia), which took place in , and was found dead, in 2015, days after announcing that he would formally denounce the government of then President Cristina Kirchner for alleged collusion with Iran to cover up the case.

Dressed in black clothes and carrying candles and lanterns, a few dozen citizens gathered in the center of the capital and headed to the Le Parc residential complex, in the Puerto Madero neighborhood, where the appartment is located. where the prosecutor lived and where he was found shot in the head.

19083947 The demonstration, however, did not gather as many participants as in the first anniversaries.

In turn, the Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations (DAIA), which on this occasion did not organize any in-person act of tribute due to the advance of the pandemic, published a video on its social networks to remember the late attorney.

“I was with Alberto Nisman three days before his death. Nisman was not suicidal. Nisman was an enthusiastic investigator. Nisman did not commit suicide”, guaranteed the president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits.

19083947 )Nisman was found dead in January 2015 in the bathroom of his apartment, hours before the scheduled time to appear before Congress to explain the complaint he had made four days earlier against the former president (1994-2015) and current Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner.

The special prosecutor in the case investigating the attack on Amia, who in 1994 left 18 killed in Buenos Aires, denounced Cristina and other members of her cabinet for the alleged cover-up of the Iranians accused of the terrorist attack against the Israeli association, through a memorandum of understanding signed between Argentina and Iran in 2015.

Almost seven years later, on October 7, the Federal Oral Court 8 unanimously ruled on the case, considering that the memorandum “does not constitute a crime”.

19083947 The prosecutor’s death, initially investigated as a suicide, was classified as “homicide” by the Federal Court in June, but without determining who would have committed the crime.

Currently, the case focuses on analyzing the tens of thousands of calls that were made in the vicinity of Nisman’s apartment hours after his death.19083947