John Mulaney’s Ex-Wife Anna Marie Tendler Hospitalized During the Divorce!

Mulaney was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 26, 1982. His mother, Ellen, taught at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, and his father, Charles, was an attorney and Skadden Arps partner. His parents are of Irish Catholic descent, and he was an altar boy as a child. He is the third of five siblings.

Mulaney realized he wanted to be in show business from a young age. When he was seven, he joined “The Rugrats,” a Chicago-based children’s sketch club. Because of the club, John was offered the role of Kevin in the film “Home Alone,” but his parents declined.

Mulaney went to St. Clement School in Chicago for middle school, where instead of producing reports, he and his best buddy performed what they had learned in the style of a skit. At 14, John played Wally Webb in the production of “Our Town.” Mulaney attended St. Ignatius College Prep before enrolling at Georgetown University to concentrate on English and minor in religion.

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John Mulaney And Anna Marie Tendler’s Divorce

Before divorcing John Mulaney, Anna Marie Tendler disclosed that she experienced a “severe mental health breakdown” and was hospitalized.

In an essay she wrote for Elle magazine published, Tendler revealed how, when her marriage to the comedian broke down, her mental health “hinged wholly” on her late puppy, Petunia.

“When I was hospitalized for depression, self-harm, and severe suicidal ideation in the first two weeks of 2021, the doctors asked me to make a list of my reasons for living,” Tendler, 37, wrote.

“Petunia was the one and only thing on that list.”

The artist reportedly recounted moving to Connecticut with her dog the same month Mulaney entered rehab. The artist and Mulaney, 40, were married from July 2014 to January 2022.

“Petunia and I moved to Connecticut in December 2020, in the wake of my severe mental health breakdown and what appeared to be the impending end of my marriage.”

John Mulaney Divorce

After their French bulldog passed away in April, Tendler and Mulaney wrote obituaries for her.

Tendler also made mention of her mental health issues in an Instagram post from January 2022 that described how she dealt with the breakup.

“Over the past two years it seems that change has been synonymous with loss and collectively this loss has been unfathomable,” she wrote.

The artist continued by referring to the previous year’s “circumstances” as “harsh and punishing,” further alluding to her mental health issues.

“I find myself asking, ‘When will I feel normal?’ but in reality, I recognize that the normal from before has expired; ‘normal’ is an impossibility, there is only ‘new.’”

Following the separation, Tendler revealed her experience of freezing her eggs by sharing personal photos on Instagram.

In January, Tendler provided more insight into her viewpoint in an artist statement written before a gallery opening.

“The concept of Motherhood is so ingrained in us that even when it is something we do not want we fail to trust our gut desire. I do not particularly want children, yet at thirty-six I froze my eggs for fear I might change my mind,” she wrote.

After spending 60 days in rehab, Mulaney filed for divorce from Tenderler, which was reported exclusively in May 2021. In January 2022, their divorce was legally formalised.

In a statement, Tendler said, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

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