Kim Zolciak Allegedly Hits Kroy Biermann Before Divorce Filing

Before Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s divorce turned acrimonious, there were reportedly physical altercations. The former NFL player claimed in a police report obtained by Page Six that Zolciak struck him in the head the day before he filed for divorce.

The police report is dαted May 4, and officers from the Milton Police Department responded to the Georgia residence after the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star reported a domestic dispute.

It’s alleged in the report that Zolciak told police Biermann locked her designer purses, jewelry, and passport in a safe and then hid the key from her.

Furthermore, Zolciak claimed that the items, allegedly worth $175,000, were premarital assets. Biermann told police that the things were marital property and that he intended to liquidate them to pay off his debts.

Biermann eventually led detectives down to the basement and opened the safe, but there were no purses. Zolciak’s passport was found in a Louis Vuitton case, then turned over to cops.

Furthermore, according to the police report, Biermann said that the former couple got into an altercation over the objects in question, which resulted in her striking him in the back of the head.

Biermann declined to seek charges despite producing a recording of the purported altercation. This source has contacted Zocliak and Biermann for comment.

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It’s the latest development in the former couple’s ugly divorce after 11 years of marriage. Following the divorce, Zolciak demanded that Biermann submit to drug testing.

According to court documents acquired by ET, Zolciak alleges she has observed Biermann “smoking marijuana” and has “serious concerns” about the safety and well-being of their children, Kroy, 11, Kash, 10, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9.

Zolciak has asked Biermann to pay for drug tests, including a five-panel hair follicle drug screening. She also requests that the former Atlanta Falcons athlete refrain from cutting or removing any of his hair until the screening is completed. A divorce status hearing has been scheduled for July 11.

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Meanwhile, Biermann has accused Zolciak of having a “very troubling” gambling issue that lasted throughout their marriage and allegedly worsened in the months before their divorce.

He stated she is too preoccupied with online gambling to care for their children properly. His court brief included a joint bank account statement from April, which showed over $127,000 in deposits at the start of the month and only $760 at the conclusion.

Then, only last week, Zolciak sent a mysterious message to her Instagram Story, focusing on “toxic behavior” and “disrespect” while her difficult divorce unfolds.

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