Jane Lynch Wife: When Did She Marry?

Jane Lynch, an actress-turned-TV host, is head over heels in love with her wife, playwright Jennifer Cheyne. A simple glance through Jane’s and Jennifer’s Instagram pages reveals that they’re clearly having the time of their lives together and are as content as can be. Here’s everything we know about Jane and Jennifer’s relationship.

Jane Lynch’s Wife Jennifer Cheyne

Jennifer stated On her Stage 32 biography that she minored in creative writing at UC Berkeley before earning an online MFA in the screenplay. “I’ve been writing for a long time, but I gravitated toward screenwriting because of its visual nature and, ultimately, collaborative nature,” she says.

Jennifer, in fact, already has a script to her name. “I have written Mary Astor’s Diary, based on the true story of a 1936 Hollywood/child custody scandal at the time of the Hays Code,” she said.

Jane Lynch Wife

Jennifer didn’t stop there, either. “I am currently working on two next pieces,” she says, “one an original mother-daughter dramedy (can we say that word?) and the other a contemporary dramedy (can we say that word?) “One is a two-hander, and the other is a true-life drama about an unlikely horse champion and his unlikely champion rider in the show jumping world,” she informed readers.

Jennifer concluded her bio by stating that she resides in Los Angeles “with my sweet son Harry and my fabulous wife, Jane Lynch.”

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In 2021, Jane and Jennifer Got Married

In a September 2020 People interview, Jane gushed about Jennifer — and her handyness. “My partner makes me thankful all day long,” she explained. “She manages to deal with [everything].” ‘I don’t need to pay a handyman,’ she says. Although she is incredibly feminine and delicate, she has a toolbox that she gets out of and can fix practically everything. Plumbing, sagging shutters, and our air conditioner are all issues.

That’s the best thing about her because I’m easily overwhelmed and have little patience with details. She is very organized and takes things carefully.”

Jennifer is also a credit card miles expert, according to Jane. “We have all these miles racked up, and there are some things we want to buy,” the actor explained. “I told them, ‘Figure out how we can use miles to buy this stuff.'” And she discovered it. So now I’m like, ‘I’m so glad for you,’ because I couldn’t figure it out alone.”

Jane spoke about the couple’s wedding ceremony during a 2022 Live With Kelly and Ryan appearance. “We went down to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, where we live, and her son became a minister of Universal Life Church,” Jane said. “And the three of us said our little vows to each other and signed the papers, and it was nice. I shed a tear. I was a little surprised.”