Bill Hemmer Gay: What’s The Real Story?

Bill Hemmer, a Fox News anchor and correspondent, is not married and has never been married. His s*xual orientation has been reported to be straight, and he formerly dated Dara Tomanovich, a Canadian model and TV personality.

There was a moment when Bill’s sexuality dominated the news, as many assumed he was gay after seeing a photo-shopped image of him on the internet.

The news anchor was clearly upset by the LGBT allegations and spent no time clearing the air. Dara Tomanovich, his only known girlfriend, was exposed at this point.

Is Bill Hemmer Gay?

Bill Hemmer is not gay and has never been gay. However, allegations regarding his possible gay status were fueled by his secretive demeanor, as with any other celebrity who prefers to keep things private.

Hemmer’s gay allegations became more prevalent once he was seen shirtless. However, we must accept that the half-dressed man in the photograph was not Bill but a photoshopped image of Tiger Woods’ body with Bill’s head. The accompanying guesses did not sit well with the Fox reporter, indicating that it was clearly a case of photo manipulation gone awry.

Bill Hemmer Gay

Despite Bill not letting the grass grow under his feet before reporting the event to authorities, an overzealous fan hell-bent on uncovering the man’s true sexuality dared to send a letter to

Queerty was the one who ultimately put an end to the speculations surrounding Bill’s LGBT orientation, revealing that he is straight and dating a lady. This was during the time when he was in a committed relationship with Dara.

In a post headlined, Bill Hemmer’s Heteros*xuality Breaks Our None Existence Hearts,” Queerty demonstrated that the American Newsroom co-anchor was not homos*xual.

According to the article, Bill had already revealed on his news broadcast that he was dating a woman and had taken her to the Empire State Building the day before.

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A Look At Bill Hemmer’s Relationship History

Bill Hemmer’s relationship history has always been brutal to piece together due to his preference for keeping his love life private. However, the Fox News host has only been linked to one woman, Dara Tomanovich.

Dara Tomanovich is a Canadian model who was born in Toronto in 1969. She also works in the media as a TV personality, most notably as the anchor of the History Channel series Forged in Fire. Tomanovich has also hosted other shows, including Covert Inc.; she also works on CBC’s website, hosting the Battle of the Blades web series.

According to internet stories, the two met on Facebook, but their friendship grew more potent once they began exchanging text messages. They first met in person in 2005 and previously worked together at WNYW TV in New York City.

According to the account, they began dating immediately and cohabiting at some point. The couple was first seen together publicly during the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Despite the fact that they never made an official proclamation about their relationship status, the couple continued to make public appearances together.

Bill Hemmer and Dara Tomanovich eventually kept the flame of their love blazing for eight brutal years before getting married in 2009. All of their hopes, however, were dashed in 2013 when their relationship fell apart.

In fact Dara is Hemmer’s lone known romance, and his name has never been associated with another woman since then. Those hoping for a reconciliation were disappointed when Dara moved on with Prince Andrew in 2014.