Jackie Oshry Husband: Her Journey to Stardom and Motherhood

A well-known personality, podcast host, and businesswoman, Jackie Oshry is a prominent figure in the social media and entertainment industries. Notably, Jackie is known for hosting the wildly popular podcast “The Morning Toast,” which she began hosting in 2018 at the age of just 26.

She shot to stardom in her late twenties and cemented her position as a cultural influencer with the podcast’s quick rise in popularity.

She has become a relatable and significant figure in the internet sphere thanks to her entrepreneurial drive and captivating material that people have found compelling. Jackie Oshry’s personal life has received a lot of attention in addition to her podcasting pursuits.

On February 19, 2019, she wed an attractive man of his own, Zach Weinreb. Their relationship has drawn a lot of attention from fans, who have followed them attentively since they got together. Jackie is the fourth child of Pamela Geller and Michael Oshry, and her childhood in New York City influenced her experiences and gave rise to her colorful personality.

Beyond her podcast, she is frequently seen on social media, sharing intimate moments such as celebrating her 29th birthday while flaunting her growing baby bulge. Jackie, who was 26, became engaged to Zachary, and the two were married the following year when Jackie turned 27.

With this union, a new chapter was about to begin, one in which Jackie, then 29 years old, would shortly welcome their first child.

Jackie Oshry has made a name for herself in the worlds of social media, podcasting, and personal accomplishments. She is an approachable, versatile person who captivates audiences with her enthusiasm, genuineness, and relatability.

Who is Jackie Oshry Husband?

Zachary Weinreb, Jackie Oshry’s spouse and a significant figure in her life, is entwined with her romantic journey. Zachary, who was born on May 2, 1990, adds his achievements and characteristics to Jackie’s lively persona.

He is originally from Dallas, Texas, and has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and businessman throughout the years. Zach’s career path is a reflection of his wide range of interests and commitment to many disciplines.

On February 19, 2019, the couple’s romantic journey came to a touching conclusion as they exchanged vows in a glamorous and love-filled ceremony. Their lavish wedding took place at the Taj Pierre Hotel in New York City, exuding elegance as friends, relatives, and well-known figures toasted their union.

Zachary’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to his pursuits are demonstrated by his founding of the Spritz Society and his previous employment at The Howard Hughes Corporation, his family’s company.

Jackie Oshry Husband

The couple’s romantic journey, which was highlighted by their 2018 engagement and marriage, is evidence of their closeness and common goals when they set out on this adventure together.

Zachary Weinreb is the man who is often recognized as Jackie Oshry’s biological father. Married to Jackie Oshry, Zachary Weinreb is the father of their children as well as their spouse. He founded the Spritz Society and has worked with his family’s company, The Howard Hughes Corporation, among other endeavors.

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The relationship history of Zachary and Jackie shows their 2018 engagement and 2019 marriage. Their second son is due in February 2022. They received their first kid, a son called Harry Weinreb, in February 2022.

There has been interest in and attention to Zachary’s business ventures as well as their journey as a couple and expanding family. In February, they are celebrating their 4th anniversary.

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