Who Was Vanna White Husband? Discover Her Past and Present Relationships!

Vanna White Husband: Vanna White has been a mainstay of television for four decades. Long related with her position of revealing letters on the puzzles, she became a fan favourite in her capacity as hostess of Wheel of Fortune. Vanna’s longtime co-host, Pat Sajak, is departing the show in 2024 to be replaced by Ryan Seacrest, which is sad news for everyone involved.

Vanna is most known for her work as a co-host on the popular game show, but she has also had a few high-profile relationships during her time in the role. Read on to learn about Vanna White husband and her history of romantic relationships.

Vanna White, a household name since 1982 when she became the hostess of Wheel of Fortune, has won the hearts of many viewers. However, one intriguing question that keeps coming up is, “Who was Vanna White husband?” In this article, we will give you all the answers.

Who Was Vanna White Husband?

In 1990, Vanna married George Santo Pietro after they began d@ting for several years. Their love story began with an unplanned meeting in 1985 and ended with marriage. The couple had been married for 12 years until they finally divorced in 2002.

Suzanne Kowalski posted an official tweet that confirms that George Santo Pietro is the ex-husband of Vanna White.

To be sure, George left his imprint in Hollywood as more than simply Vanna White husband; he worked at an eatery and acted in hit shows like “Alias” and “The Mandalorian.” Nikko, 28, and Gigi, 25, are the children of the former couple. While they haven’t spoken much about their relationship, Vanna did announce her pregnancy on Wheel in 1992, only to have an abortion shortly later.

Who Was Vanna White Husband
Who Was Vanna White Husband

Who Is Vanna White D@ting Currently?

She’s been with her long-term boyfriend John Donaldson for ten years, and they seem to be extremely happy together. It’s obvious that Vanna and John have great chemistry together because they’ve been d@ting since 2012.

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They appear to be very happy together, and John also seems to get along well with Vanna’s two children. The Wheel of Fortune hostess has posted many images of her and John and their grown children celebrating the holidays together on Instagram. In conversations, she has often raved over John.

Take a peek at the Instagram post that Vanna uploaded in which John can be seen with her grown children.

John has been a business entrepreneur for almost 30 years, while Vanna is a famous actress. His contracting business, which he launched in 1992 and incorporated in 1998, is his sole asset. Among the celebrities whose homes he has renovated as a contractor are Richard Dreyfuss and Dan Ackroyd, but his broad set of skills makes him an asset in any field.

Who Is Vanna White D@ting Currently

Who Has Vanna White Been With In Past?

Vanna wasn’t a stranger to love, despite the fact that George Santo Pietro was her only legal spouse. Vanna planned to tie the knot at least twice more after her wedding to George. In the 1980s, she began d@ting actor and dancer John Gibson.

Here is the tweet which states that John Gibson was a one-time

In May of 1986, John sadly lost his life in a plane tragedy. Later, she discussed how the show’s viewers have shared their own similar memories with her. Then, Vanna started d@ting Michael Kaye, a businessman, after her divorce from George. The two were engaged in 2004, but they never married; they just lived together.

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