Love Is Blind Season 4: Is Tiffany And Brett Still Together?

Love Is Blind returns for a fourth season, bringing a new crop of singles looking for love to Netflix screens, all through the heart-shaped eyes of hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

The hit dating show lined up another 15 single women and 15 single men for dates this season, with the catch that they were searching for their soulmates without seeing what their prospective partner looks like.

This year’s lineup was once again put into a series of dates in a series of small pods separated by a wall, with five couples making it out to meet in person.

Fan favorites include design director Brett Brown, 36, and client lead recruiter Tiffany Pennywell, 37, who have captured the hearts of fans who hail the pair as the real deal.

Ahead of his debut on the show, Brett said he was ready to settle down and wanted to meet “successful, independent and strong women” on Love Is Blind.

His previous relationship ended after two years in 2016, but he said he was finally ready to accept someone into his “financially solid” life, emphasizing that he was searching for someone who is a “good listener.”

However, Tiffany expressed her dissatisfaction with the Seattle dating environment following her recent relocation, claiming that the men were “more reserved and don’t actively seek out partnerships.”

She stated ahead of Love Is Blind that she is seeking for a companion that takes the initiative and comes up with “strange and interesting dates,” and that quality time is important.

 Is Tiffany And Brett Still Together?

Tiffany and Brett were smitten from the start of the Love Is Blind procedure, as sparks shot through their pod wall.

Tiffany fell asleep in the middle of a talk in their pod, just as Brett proclaimed his love for her, which was a heartwarming but unfortunate scene.

He repeated the dialogue to the other men in Love Is Blind, stating: “‘I think I’m falling in love with you,’ we were saying. And then I’m telling her how I’m feeling, and then there’s nothing, and then, ‘Hello?'”

Tiffany apologized the next day, stating she had only nodded off due to his “so soothing” voice, before anxiously asking, “Did I just mess everything up?”

Luckily, she hadn’t, and Brett gently went on to propose as the couple finally got to exit their pod and meet face to face in Mexico.

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While we won’t know if Tiffany and Brett married until episodes air on Netflix next month, we did get a glimpse of them at the altar in a mid-season preview. It remains to be seen whether things go wrong on their wedding day…

So, Tiffany and Brett are still together. Despite some web sleuthing, the couple has managed to keep any major revelations about the condition of their relationship under wraps.

But, Brett’s social media tweets on their “adventure” on the show have been reassuringly optimistic, promising supporters more to come.

In a recent post, Brett wrote: “We’re only a couple of days into the season and I can’t wait for everyone to see the rest of our stories. Thank you for the love and support,” while in another he gushed about “once in lifetime opportunities” and singled out the Love Is Blind experience as one of them.

Most telling, the reality star shared a clip from the show in which he praises Tiffany, writing: “How does she manage to be such a wonderful person on the inside? But how come you appear like this at the same time? ‘How did the stars align?’ I think to myself.”

He captioned the effusive photo, “I only speak the truth,” which we’ll take as a strong hint of good news for the couple. Is it possible? To find out, we’ll have to wait until Friday.

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