Is There A Post-Credits Scene in The Flash Movie?

The Flash, for better or worse, doesn’t hold back. The superhero film tosses out more alternate universes, cameos, character mutations, and terrible visual effects than fans will be able to see coming in its 144-minute duration.

The Andy Muschietti-directed film packs so much into its primary tale that there isn’t much left for it to do by the time the credits roll.

That doesn’t mean The Flash has no shocks in its credits. As The Flash prepares for its long-awaited opening weekend, DCEU fans must know whether it contains any post-credits scenes worth seeing.

How Many Post-Credits Scenes Are There in The Flash?

At the end of The Flash, there is only one post-credits scene. As upsetting as this may be for some viewers, it’s worth noting that the film closes with such an unexpected, tongue-in-cheek twist that it doesn’t need to follow it up with another Easter egg or surprise immediately.

Is There a Post-Credits Scene in The Flash Movie?

That means viewers must sit through the entire end credits sequence to see The Flash’s lone surprise scene. If they do, they’ll be treated to a humorous scene between two of the DCEU’s main characters.

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What Happens in The Flash’s Post-Credits Scene?

The ending of The Flash reveals that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has been presumably replaced by George Clooney’s older version of Batman.

Still, the film’s single post-credits scene reminds viewers that not all of the Snyderverse’s heroes have been removed from existence. The final stage of the film shows Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) as they stagger out of a pub together.

Earlier in the film, Barry attempted to contact Momoa’s Aquaman, only to discover that his decision to save his mother’s life in the first act had accidentally stopped his fellow Justice League member from ever being born.

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Their reunion in The Flash’s post-credits scene thus ensures audiences that when Barry traveled back in time again in the film’s third act, he was able to fix most of his prior misdeeds.

The sequence occurs on the same city block and culminates with Barry abandoning a blackout-drunk Arthur to sleep face down in a pavement puddle.

Some fans will probably feel misled by the scene’s insignificance, given how much uncertainty surrounds some of the DCEU’s Snyderverse characters. It’s kind of nice that The Flash concludes with two of the franchise’s heroes simply enjoying a night out on the town together.

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