Is Macaulay Culkin Married: Does Macaulay Culkin Have Children?

We tend to dwell on Hollywood breakups to the point where we overlook the reality that some celebrity couples have managed to stay together for a long time!

As an example, consider Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song. The couple’s secret to their long-term relationship is a closely guarded secret.

Having kept their pregnancy a secret for months, the couple has just welcomed their second child. When did Brenda and Macaulay first start dating? Are they wed?

The timeline of Brenda and Macaulay’s relationship, as far as we know it, is this.

Is Macaulay Culkin Married?

The fact that Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song both had famous childhoods adds an extra layer of sweetness to their love story, even though they didn’t meet until much later in life.

They first crossed paths in 2017 in Thailand while filming Changeland, a film by Seth Green. When Culkin and Song began dating, he “was waiting for the other shoe to drop,” but he eventually realized, “No—sometimes it’s just good,” as he confessed to Esquire.

They became engaged in 2022, just over a year after welcoming a boy into the world.

The addition of Dakota to the family has brought Macaulay and Brenda much joy, according to a source who spoke with PEOPLE in January 2022. Their engagement is a logical progression from where they are. A bright future awaits them as a couple.

Kieran Culkin verified the news of his brother and Song’s secret second child’s arrival in an interview with Access Hollywood in March 2023.

Are Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin Still Together?

Are Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin Still Together

It seems like Song and Culkin are still very much in love. They were engaged in January 2022, but no public announcement of a wedding date or location has been made since. The Joe Rogan Experience featured Culkin’s August 2018 gushing over Song.

“This one’s a good one, so I’m probably going to put some babies in her in a little bit. I mean, we’ve definitely been practicing,” he joked. “I’m going to have some pretty babies. She’s Asian, so I’m gonna have tiny little Asian babies. It’s going to be adorable—a bunch of Sean Lennons running around the house, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Before having children, Culkin mentioned that they had a “good life,” describing their family as “pretty” and including a “beautiful girl,” “a pretty dog, a pretty cat, and all that stuff.” After this, we will relocate. The house thing and everything like that is what we’re doing.

Does Macaulay Culkin Have Children?

The answer is “yes!” Two kids were born to Culkin and Song. Their eldest son, Dakota, was named after Culkin’s sister, who passed away at the same age. After being hit by a vehicle in December 2008, Culkin’s sister Dakota—fondly called “Cody” by her siblings—passed away.

Carson, the second son for Culkin and Song, was born at the end of 2022, as announced in March 2023. Just as with their previous child, the couple waited a few months after he was born before making an announcement.

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