When And Where Can You Watch Ink Master’s Season 14 Release?

Ink Master season 14 is back to entertain you with the most talented tattoo artists. Season 13 ended abruptly without any proper ending and was mainly due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But Ink Master season 14 comes with a new host and 10 amazing artists. Now, some of you may recognize them from the old seasons since the Ink Master season 14 features an all-star cast. That’s why some old rivalries and friendships will reignite and you will get the chance to support all of those who have missed all this while.

Moreover, this time, the cash prize is much higher compared to what was allocated for the other seasons.  In Ink Master season 14, the winner will be getting a huge cash prize of $250,000. So, without further ado, let us dig straight into the details of Ink Master season 14. 

When And Where Can You Watch Ink Master’s Season 14 Release?

Ink Master season 14 has already premiered its first episode. On 7th September, the 14th season of the much-anticipated Ink Master. The episodes are dropping on Paramount+. So, you can subscribe to the streaming platforms to watch the latest episodes. The operator is offering free trials for 14 days if you are a new user and after that, the user needs to pay only $4.99/ month. Furthermore, you can cancel anytime you want. The show isn’t available on primetime cable and you need to watch it only at Paramount+. This change can be inconvenient for some but this is one of the many new upgrades that Ink Master season 14 comes with.

Who Is Going To Host Ink Master Season 14?

For the Ink Master season 14, creators have gone with a new host. Good old tattoo artists who have left a mark on the audiences’ minds will be the host for the new season. Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, who had been scrutinizing the competition for the past 13 seasons, will be present to have a live glimpse of the artists’ works. Fans are equally excited to see a new host and how the talent is going to manage things in a chaotic set-up.

Who Are The Judges of Ink Master Season 14?

As the judges’ list has already been revealed, fans were thrilled to see some of the top names in the industry showing their talent. Firstly, Nikko Hurtado, a well-known tattoo artist, joined the seat for judges. Next comes famed Japanese tattoo artist Ami James who has impressed the world with some exclusive art. Finally, Dave Navarro, who was the former host, will be the Master of Chaos, stirring things up in the game by introducing unforeseen twists all over the competition. So, this is quite an interesting season. 

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Who Are The Contestants of Ink Master Season 14?

A lot of OG contestants will be back to have a second chance to win the Ink Master season 14. Angel Rose from season 13 and Katie McGowan from season 9 are back. Besides, Katie McGowan, Chris Shockley, Gian Karle, Pon, and many others are back. So, here is the list of artists and the seasons they were in that will help you to catch up with the latest updates on the show. 

ink master new season Contestants
ink master new season Contestants
  • Katie McGowan (Season 8, Season 9)
  • Deanna James (Season 10)
  • Holli Marie (Season 12)
  • Creepy Jason (Season 12)
  • Gian Karle (Season 8)
  • Angel Rose (Season 11, Season 13)
  • Chris Shockley (Season 11)
  • Bob Jones (Season 13)
  • Pon (Season 12)

Out of that, Katie was asked to be a coach. So, while talking to Inked Magazine, she said, “They asked if I wanted to be a coach and I assumed that I would get to coach the women’s team. I was super, super excited about that, but the twist was that I was going to be coaching the men instead. At first, I was a little apprehensive because I really wanted to be a coach for the women’s team. I’m a feminist and I’m always pro-women winning.”

So, with so much talent and potential in one season, fans couldn’t resist having high expectations. Furthermore, there will be numerous twists and turns that the cast will not be prepared for. With the all-star cast ready to show their best game, hopefully, the competition for Ink Master season 14 will be tougher and better.

The Synopsis of Ink Master Season 14

The official synopsis has been released by the creators to let the audiences know what is about to come. This is going to be one exciting season and so, here is the synopsis:

“Ink Master contestants compete in various tattoo challenges that test the artist’s technical skills and their on-the-spot creativity, where they must create and execute an original tattoo on command.”

 So, who do you think will win Ink Master season 14?

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