Hyuna And Dawn Breakup: K-pop Stars Announces Separation After Six Years Together

HyunA and Dawn breakup after dating for six years, but they are still friends. This was one of the most famous love stories in K-pop.

Hyuna And Dawn Breakup

On November 30, HyunA posted about the breakup on Instagram. The actress said that the two had broken up, but they had decided to stay good friends and work together in the future. HyunA told fans how much they meant to him.

Dawn then made his statement on Instagram to denounce a comment that was made to look like the singer-rapper and former boy band member wrote it. The analysis suggested that his ex was meeting other men and hiding other secrets about her past. The 28-year-old man said he would go to court against the person who started the rumor and anyone else who spread it. Dawn also said that he still loves HyunA and thinks she is a great artist, even though they are no longer together.

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When Did Hyuna And Dawn Start Dating?

HyunA and Dawn started dating behind the scenes when they were both in Triple H’s K-pop group with Dawn’s former bandmate Hui in 2016. In August 2018, local Korean media reported that the two were dating. At the time, Cube Entertainment, which was in charge of both artists’ record labels, denied the news. Still, HyunA and Dawn met with the Korean news agency Yonhap without their label’s permission to confirm they are more than a two-year relationship. In response, Cube stopped promoting a new Triple H album and ended the artists’ contracts by September. The series of events made international news, and fans had different opinions about how the artists and labels handled the news. However, there was a lot of support on social media for the K-pop stars who stood up for their relationship.

Hyuna And Dawn Breakup
Hyuna And Dawn Breakup

By 2019, HyunA and Dawn had signed with PSY’s newly opened P NATION label as new artists.

Hyuna And Dawn’s Career

PSY told Billboard that year that HyunA was a big reason the label signed Dawn. The “Gangnam Style” singer also laughed when he talked about the “strange” couple, saying, “They dance together, they write songs together, and they compete with each other… it’s very creative.”

Under P NATION, HyunA returned to the top of the charts with multiple EPs and the hit single “I’m Not Cool.” Dawn released his first solo songs, including “Money” and “Dawndididawn.” Under their new label, the two broke new ground in the K-pop industry in 2021 when they released a joint EP under the name “HyunA&Dawn” with the single “Ping Pong.” Its music video has more than 110 million. On an Instagram post from February of this year, where they showed off matching rings, Dawn wrote, “MARRY ME,” and HyunA replied, “Of course, it’s a yes.” HyunA has since deleted the post from her account.

In the K-pop industry, dating is usually frowned upon, and some artists have contracts that say they can’t date. Some K-pop careers have been thrown for a loop when relationships become public, but fans, artists, and management seem to be slowly changing their minds about these couples. Industry leaders like HYBE and YG Entertainment have recently refused to discuss relationship rumors between their artists, citing the singers’ private lives. At the same time, HyunA and Dawn were openly affectionate with each other and booked magazine covers and photo shoots together. Not only that, but the millions of social media followers who liked HyunA and Dawn’s many updates and photos, as well as the thousands of comments on the couple’s breakup posts, show that dating in K-pop may not be so taboo or controversial in the future.

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What happened between HyunA and Dawn?

The news of their breakup was posted on HyunA’s Instagram account on Wednesday. Even though they are no longer together, they will still be friends. They have decided to stay great friends and work together in the future. The couple said they are grateful for their fans’ support and good thoughts about them.

How long are dawn and HyunA together?

How secret lovers HyunA and Dawn became engaged. It finally took place! HyunA and Dawn, two K-pop stars, have been together for five years and are now engaged.

Does HyunA and Dawn Married?

MARRY ME.” Then, HyunA replied with a photo and caption that said, “Of course, it’s a ‘Yes.'” They also showed off their beautiful engagement rings. The two of them have been together for about 5 years.