How to Apply for The Chase Australia 2023 Season 12?

How to Apply for The Chase Australia 2023 Season 12? The Chase Australia is an Australian game show aired on the Seven Network on September 14, 2015, modeled after the same-named British version. The Chase Australia is a challenging quiz show with Andrew O’Keefe as its host until Emdur took over in 2021.

Four strangers participate in The Chase Australia, a game of wits in which the goal is to outwit and outrun the “Chaser” to win substantial monetary prizes. Using individual and communal efforts, this group of four strangers constructs a CASHPOT that is as enormous as possible. One of the best trivia buffs in the world, The Chaser, is the one standing in their way.

However, The Case Australia is more than just a test; it also doubles as a race in which participants must stay one step ahead of the Chaser to prevail. For the next season, 12, registration for Chase Australia will soon become available. If you like problems and scenarios with lots of activity.

When registration opens, apply immediately to compete on The Chase Australia 2023 and put your mind to the ultimate test by competing against the world’s most competent quiz takers.

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You can read more about The Chase Australia 2023 Season 12’s special application requirements, eligibility standards, and other features on this page.

How to Apply for The Chase Australia 2023 Season 12?

How to Register for The Chase Australia Season 12 – Registration for The Chase Australia Season 12 in 2023 is not yet open. The official broadcaster, Seven Network, and the production company, ITV Studios Australia, have not yet made such public announcements.

However, only entries submitted via the official channel website will be considered. The steps listed below should be followed to register for The Chase Australia 2023:

The Chase Australia 2023
The Chase Australia 2023
  • Visit the Chase Australia channel’s official website to fill out a casting application if you’re interested in participating.
  • Applicants should search for the “Apply” link or button on the website’s home page to continue with the application process.
  • The application form is broken down into 5 steps. The introduction and listing of the eligibility requirements constitute the first phase.
  • The second stage is “Contact Details,” where users must provide their personal information, including name, date of birth, email address, phone number, address, gender, marital status, and so forth.
  • After agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, participants can move on to the third stage, “About You,” where they must give a quick introduction of themselves so that the production company can get to know them a bit better.
  • In Stage 4, “Availability and Other Status” is the focus.
  • Participants must send their most current photo and a video introducing themselves in the manner specified in the application form at stage 5.
  • Candidates must attest that all provided information is true and accurate.
  • Please read the official Terms & Conditions before submitting the application form since failing to do so could result in the application being denied.

Eligibility Criteria for The Chase Australia 2023

The following prerequisites must be met for participants to be eligible for the show:

  • They must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old due to the nature of the program and the possibility of winning a cash prize.
  • The participant must currently reside in Australia and be a citizen.
  • The production company or the broadcaster should not now employ the participant. They should not have previously worked with any of the ITV companies or the host.
  • The participant must be a Broadcaster or ITV Group employee’s live-in partner or an immediate family member (mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister).

How do I Join Chase Australia in 2023?

You may apply to and participate in The Chase Australia 2023 Season 12 if you are 18 years of age and an Australian permanent resident. By following the instructions above, you can successfully register and apply to join Chase Australia 2023.

What Are the Rules for Chase Australia?

A team of four competitors can strive to gather as much money as possible to put into a team bank by responding to general knowledge questions. A quiz wiz known as the Chaser is blocking the deposit of the money earned into the bank.

In “The Final Chase,” the team must compete for the money, and the Chaser’s job is to catch each contestant and keep them from depositing the money into the bank. In this game, each correct response costs $2,000, and each player has one minute to answer as many questions as they can.

The more precise answers given, the more money the individual might put into the bank. After the minute, the winner’s money is shifted three steps down on an eight-step money board.

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