Komi Can’t Communicatee’s Season 2 Premiere Spotlights Tadano & Komi’s Relationship

After a three-month hiatus, the spring 2022 season of Komi Can’t Communicate features the introduction of new friends, the return of old friends, and the development of a tender relationship between the show’s two characters. Introductory high school student and chronic worrier Shoko Komi is our protagonist. She had a hard time relating to others, which eventually manifested as speech impairment. She doesn’t make much headway on that front until she meets Hitohito Tadano in the pilot episode.

In light of Tadano’s early realization that Komi suffers from severe anxiety, she opened up to him about her troubles and shared her goal of amassing 100 friends. To help her along, Tadano became her first buddy and put her in touch with Najimi Osana, a childhood friend of his. Najimi helped Komi make friends with several popular students at her school, such as Himiko Agari and Omoharu Nakanaka, and even frightened Ren Yamai into developing an unhealthy fixation with her. Komi eventually fell in love with Tadano throughout the course of the show, and by the end of the first season, he had begun to feel the same way about her. Season 2 begins here.

At this point in the timeline of Komi Can’t Communicate, Komi and her pals have returned to school for the second semester of the academic year. Najimi, the group’s extrovert, greeted Komi with a nice, but infantile, prank: a frozen hand to the face. Feeling slightly motivated, Komi repeated the prank on Tadano, this time being extra careful not to draw attention to herself. In other words, she wants to take their relationship to the next level but is too timid to say so. She does not limit herself to only implying a romantic interest at this point.

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Later, while Komi and Tadano are taking their midterms, Komi accidentally loses a pencil on the floor, but she is not allowed to pick it up because of school policy. The student needs to ask the teacher to pick up the pencil for her, but her nerves are getting in the way. Komi attempts to keep going with the exam, but her pencil breaks and the lead slips out, making her even more nervous. Tadano, fortunately, is seated next to her and quickly grasps the gravity of the situation.

Komi and tadano

Tadano wants to be helpful to Komi, so he drops his pencil next to hers and then asks the teacher to get both of them. Since Komi is the only student in the class who doesn’t use a mechanical pencil, the teacher has no trouble determining that she dropped her second pencil and can thus attribute it to her. The relief Tadano feels after helping Komi is only temporary. He drew a line on his own exam as soon as he began to consider Komi’s peculiarities. He didn’t have an eraser on him when he tried to rub out the blotch.

Tadano is having an internal panic attack, and Komi has noticed, to his surprise. What’s more intriguing is that she can “read the room” and figure out that he doesn’t have an eraser. To get even with Tadano, Komi breaks off a piece of her own eraser and drops it on the floor next to him on purpose so that he might ask the teacher to pick it up again. Tadano notices Komi’s act of generosity, and he and Komi both end up losing focus on the exam as a result. Tadano ends up being so smitten with Komi that he won’t even let his sister use the eraser she gave him.

Despite the fact that Season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate has just began, the status of Komi and Tadano’s relationship is clearly established in the premiere episode. Their plot is shifting from one of best friends to lovers, which will undoubtedly become the focus in the future.