How Tall is Angel Reese? How Soaring Does The Basketball Star Stand?

The national championship game between Iowa and LSU on Sunday will not be short on star power.

Caitlin Clark, the Hawkeyes’ multiple Player of the Year, is undoubtedly that player this season. Angel Reese, LSU’s “Bayou Barbie,” is on the other end of the court.

It’s unlikely that either Iowa or LSU would have gotten it this far in the season without outstanding performances from their players. While Clark is in her third season with Iowa, this is Reese’s first with the Tigers, and the double-double machine has made a difference.

With a 26-6 record last season, LSU advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament under first-year coach Kim Mulkey.

How Tall is Angel Reese? How Soaring Does The Basketball Star Stand?

This season, the Lady Tigers are 33-2 and on the verge of winning their first national championship. And Reese is a big part of that, both metaphorically and literally.

 How Tall is the Basketball Star?

Reese’s official LSU bio, she stands 6-3. Regarding height, she is second on the team, only behind 6-4 grad student LaDazhia Williams.

In Sunday’s national championship game, Reese will be tied for the third-tallest player behind Williams and Iowa’s Addison O’Grady (6-4). Sharon Goodman and Monika Czinano, both Hawkeyes, are listed at 6-3.

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According to Next College Student Athlete data, the average height for a Division I women’s player is 5-6. A “Tier 1” power forward stands 6-0 or taller and plays in Division I or the top of Division II.

The average height of a player in the WNBA, where Reese is expected to play after her NCAA career is 6-0.

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