Martin Scorsese Meets Pope Francis After Pope’s Fever Subsides

A day after canceling his regular work schedule due to a fever, Pope Francis spoke at a meeting attended by notable artists and directors, including Martin Scorsese, on Saturday.

Returning to his duties on Saturday, Francis delivered a speech at the Vatican event titled “The Global Esthetics of the Catholic Imagination.”

He remarked on his love of literature, “the words of those authors helped me to understand myself, the world, and my people, but also to understand more profoundly the human heart, my personal life of faith, and my pastoral work, even now in my present ministry.”

He said he has “loved many poets in his life” and taught himself literature when he was younger.

Martin Scorsese and his family were among the worldwide writers, poets, and other artists attending the conference.

Scorsese met Pope Francis in 2016 for a private session to discuss his film “Silence,” which depicts Christians persecuted in 17th-century Japan.

Francis was struck ill by a fever earlier this week, forcing him to abandon his business commitments for Friday and raising additional concerns about his health.

However, the daily appointment calendar sent by the Vatican on Saturday indicated that Francis was returning to work. The Vatican provided no new information about the 86-year-old pontiff’s health.

On Sunday, Francis is set to celebrate Pentecost mass at St. Peter’s Square.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, stated on Thursday that Francis was “tired” after a “very intense day,” according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

“The Pope was exhausted. He had a hectic day yesterday and saw a lot of folks. Scholas Occurrentes was present, and he wanted to welcome each person individually. “At some point, one becomes less resistant,” Parolin explained.

Here’s a tweet from one of the most popular websites, CNN, about Martin Scorsese Meeting Pope Francis After the Pope’s Fever Subsides:-

Francis was spotted looking fine Thursday afternoon at a live-streamed event from the Vatican for Scholas Occurrentes, a worldwide education network he founded.

In March, he was admitted to the hospital with bronchitis but reacted well to medication.

When he left the hospital that day, the Pope said he was “still alive.”

The pontiff, who suffered from severe pneumonia as a young man and had part of a lung removed, has a recent medical history.

He is frequently seen with a walking stick and occasionally in a wheelchair due to pain in his right knee.

He postponed a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and South Sudan last year after doctors told him he could skip a later trip to Canada if he didn’t agree to 20 more days of rehabilitation and rest for his knee. In February, he traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

Francis also has diverticular disease, a common ailment that can cause colon inflammation or infection. He had surgery to remove a portion of his colon in 2021.

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