How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per Stream?

Do you like to get streaming services from Apple? Apple Music is a well-known platform for streaming music. At apple music, you can get to a lot of your favorite songs and playlists.

The best way to feel better is by listening to Apple Music music. Apple’s music streaming services pay royalties to a lot of artists around the world. How much does Apple Music pay for each stream in 2022?

On average, Apple Music pays between $.007 and $0.01 for each stream.

Stream sharing determines how much streaming artists should pay in royalties. The value of each stream depends on where the listener is from and what plan they have. But in 2022, Apple Music will pay an average of $0.001 per stream.

It means that how much people get paid by Apple Music for each stream varies, but the more streams you get, the more money you get for each one. Apple Music streams gave artists and listeners from different countries different amounts of royalties.

This article will tell you how much Apple Music pays per stream in different countries, like the UK, the US, South Africa, India, etc. Read the whole article to find out how much Apple Music pays in different countries.

How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per Stream?

In Nigeria

As technology continues to change the music industry by making it easier to get music, Nigerian artists are making more money through digital distribution platforms from streaming royalties.

How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per Stream
How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per Stream

Streaming platforms like Apple Music Pay, Spotify, etc., have quickly taken over the business. Many artists in Nigeria who are streamed on Apple Music have put together charts. On the chart, adekunle Gold is at the top, followed by wizkid, joe boy, davido, and FireBoyDML.

According to information about how Apple Music Pay works, the average cost per stream is $0.01. It means that artists with 1 million streams have to pay a total of $10,000.

In South Africa

How much should you pay in South Africa in 2022 for Apple Pay per stream? Stream share is used to figure out the royalties from Apple Pay streaming services, but the values remain. The company behind Apple Pay has said that the average rate per stream in is $0.01.

In Britain

Many artists in the UK can make a good living from Apple Music, a service for streaming music. Apple Music is one of the best ways to stream music online. In the UK, Apple Music is a well-known streaming service. For every stream, Apple Music pays UK artists. The 2022 study found that Apple Music artists in the UK can make an average of 12,000 pounds for every 12 million streams.

In U.S.

This year, 2022, the numbers show that the US Apple pay-per-stream rate is $0.00735. Apple Music said in a letter to publishers and record labels and on the artist dashboard on the platform that they now pay an average of one cent for every stream.

On the other hand, South African artists can make an average of $7,000 to $10,000 per million streams.

In India

As we told you, Apple Music pays an average of $0.01 per stream. If we talk about India, for every stream, Apple Music gives $0.01 to an Indian artist. So, it means that Indian artists get 1 cent for every stream.

So, it is clear that Apple Music pays Indian artists an average of $0.01 per stream. You should also know that Apple Music’s subscription plan costs Rs. 99.

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Apple Music pays per stream vs. Spotify.

People think Apple Pay and Spotify are two best ways to stream music. The best part is that listeners can make money on both platforms with every stream. Let’s see which platform pays you the most. It has been found that pay-per-streaming on Apple Music is often where the changes happen.

So it’s true that Apple Music pays artists more than Spotify does? Artists get between $0.003 and $0.005 for every stream on Spotify. On the other hand, Apple Music gives listeners $0.006 to $0.01 for every stream.

Even though Apple Music pays more than Spotify, Spotify is still thought to be a better way for music fans to stream music. You can make it easier to get more streams on Spotify. This platform is better than the small increase you get for each Apple Music stream.

The best thing about Spotify is that it makes it easy for users to find new music and earn money for each stream. In short, the Spotify streaming platform is better than others because it has more users, is more powerful, and has tools that make it easier for people to find music. This helps artists promote their music.

Again, it’s hard to say which of Apple Music and Spotify is better. Pay-per-stream shows that Apple Music pays listeners more than Spotify. It’s not the end, though. Each platform has its own pros and cons.

Apple Music, on the other hand, pays more per stream. It means that listening to music on Apple Music is a simple way to make more money. But Spotify has given people more ways to listen. It gives artists the chance to get their music played on official playlists. In this way, Spotify lets artists make it easier for people to find them and get more people to listen to their playlists.

So, both Apple Music and Spotify make sure to boost the music system of artists. One does this by putting the music on playlists and the other pays more for each stream.

Apple Music pays per 1000 streams

Apple Music’s streaming service gives artists $6 to $10 for every 1000 plays. We’ve already told you that the values change often based on how many times the music is played and which artists listen to it on Apple Music.

If your promoted music is listened to by people from wealthier countries and most people like the music with a paid plan, you can easily make more money per stream.


When it comes to getting paid, the more people listen to your music on Apple Music, the more likely your royalties will go up. It will help meet the average pay-per-stream rate.

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Apple Music: Does it pay for streams?

Apple Music does pay listeners every time they stream. The 2022 study found that Apple Music pays listeners an average of $0.01 per month.

How much does Apple Music make when 1 million songs are played?

Apple Music gives users between $7,000 and $10,000 per stream. If you make 1 million streams a month, you can easily make $84,000 to $120,000 a year with Apple Pay.

Who pays more for Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music pays more per stream than Spotify. Apple Music gives users $0.01 per stream, while Spotify gives users $0.0033 per stream. So, it looks like Apple MusicC pays more than Spotify.