How Did Carl Die in the Walking Dead: What Episode Does Carl Die in the Walking Dead?

Among 21st-century television series, The Walking Dead ranks high in viewership. Chandler Carlton Riggs, who played Carl Grimes, is one of several main characters that has perished on AMC’s The Walking Dead. What happens to Carl when he dies on The Walking Dead?

Who is Carl Grimes?

Actor Carl Grimes played a dual role in The Walking Dead (AMC) as a survivor and deuteragonist. Rick and Lori Grimes have a son, and he has half-brothers named Judith and R.J. Shane Walsh took Carl and his mother with him on his trip to Atlanta and the refugee camp during the first outbreak because Carl believed his father had died.

After witnessing so much death and destruction, Carl becomes increasingly inflexible over time. Michonne Hawthorne, a fellow survivor whom he considers a mother figure and his closest friend, is someone he is eager to aid and protect. Upon reaching the Alexandria Safe Zone, he encounters Enid, another juvenile survivor.

Their friendship blossoms into a relationship after Enid settles into the Hilltop Colony, albeit it’s a little rocky and uncertain at first. As he battles Negan and the Saviors, Carl considers the town’s destiny.

Carl inspires his loved ones to do good deeds and focus on reestablishing civilization in his last will, which he leaves behind after saving a stranger. Carl, who had such a significant impact throughout the show, dies from a walker bite in the eighth season.

How Did Carl Die in the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes died in season 8. Tragically, the young hero gets bitten by a walker and dies while helping Siddiq pay respect to his mother by purging the world of walkers in the hopes that their spirits would be set free.

Even if his face betrays the notion that something is amiss, the observer does not instantly see the fatal bite. As a visibly weak Carl redirects the Saviors and protects the Alexandrians in the midseason finale of S08E08, “How it’s Gotta Be,” viewers find out the answer. Upon Rick and Michonne’s return, we witness the walker biting his abdomen.

As fate would have it, Carl spent his final day penning letters to those dear to him, in which he expressed his desires for a future free of war and the Saviors. If only Negan could have it, he thought. “Honor,” the midseason opener of S08E09, takes place after Carl has shown his love for his father Rick, stepmother Michonne, sister Judith, and himself before he tragically passes away.

What Episode Does Carl Die in the Walking Dead?

What Episode Does Carl Die in the Walking Dead?

In “Honor,” the ninth episode of The Walking Dead season 8, Chandler Carlton Riggs’s character, Carl, tragically died.

Carl dies from a gunshot wound he gave himself after becoming a victim of a walker’s bite while helping Siddiq; he shares this tragic fact in the episode.

This episode is crucial since it concludes the run of the show’s beloved protagonist, Carl Grimes! Fans will find the beginning of the episode particularly painful because it depicts Rick and Michonne working over a grave, symbolizing the end of Carl Grimes’ character. With his father, Rick, and Morgan, Carl has profound conversations that heighten the emotional effect of “Honor” as he confronts the impending mortality of himself.

His sister Judith, played by Cailey Fleming beginning in season 9, and the rest of the cast feel the effects of his death long after he dies.

See Carl’s heartbreaking demise down below:

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