Family Says Feeding Accident Led To Kyair Thomas’ death

The death of baby Kyair Thomas was verified by authorities and family members early on Sunday, causing the family great sorrow.

Kyair’s discovery at the Dayton airport in December drew national attention as he and his twin brother Kason, who was rescued hours later in Indianapolis, had their car stolen.

The news of Kyair’s death on Sunday was a heartbreaking turn of events after the euphoria of their reunion late last year after their abduction.

The family contacted ABC 6 to share the tragic news that Kyair had died in an unfortunate incident.

Family Says Feeding Accident Led To Kyair Thomas' death
Family Says Feeding Accident Led To Kyair Thomas’ death

“I am like in a state of shock for real. I literally, I really am. I am devastated I’m hurt,” Wilma Booker, the aunt of the mother of the twins said.

According to Booker, the family is still grieving and attempting to come to grips with Kyair’s death. As reported by ABC 6, Wilhelmina Barnett, the twins’ mother, has been “rocked” by the events.

Booker expressed grave concern over her current condition. “Even though I wasn’t physically present, my offspring were. One of the twins choked to death as their mother, Momo (the nickname they were given), was feeding them. She tried performing CPR on the infant immediately after calling 911. The incident occurred as a result of routine baby feeding and seemed to have no further significance.”

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The family in Columbus, Ohio, phoned the police when a medical emergency arose. No amount of medical attention could save him, despite the efforts of the EMTs and doctors.

After everything the family has been through, friends and relatives are shocked that this could happen.

“I just want people to know that Momo is a really good mom,” Booker said. “She loves her babies. I don’t want people to judge her like they did last time. I just want that to be known. I’m like in a state of shock for real, I’m devastated, I’m hurt for Momo.

I’m hurt for Chaz the father, I’m hurt for Kason his twin brother because he is a twin, but I’m mostly, mostly, mostly, mostly, worried about Wilhelmina. She’s been through so much in the way of social media and everybody has been treating her. I just don’t want her to take a toll on her and want her to keep being the great mom that she is.”.

Kyair hadn’t been at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for long when ABC 6 showed up. Authorities were still looking into the situation, and the family was trying to cope.

The police claim they are still looking into the incident.